Monday, August 31, 2015

Designer Handbag Secrets

Your purse is your arm candy. It sometimes walks into a room before you! There are just those staple purses that when you see them, you say, "I have to have that purse". But, designer handbags don't typically line up with the college, sorority girl budget. However, we know the secret to getting designer handbags at a much cheaper rate. Yes, we're saying you can buy an upscale, classic handbag like this Vintage Chanel. The secret: buy it pre-owned from Luxe Designer Handbag ! It's so much cheaper to go the pre-owned route! It's the real deal holyfield, just depreciated in value since it has been used. Half the time they look all the way brand new. Best of all, it's not illegal (haha, no need to head to your favorite hole in the wall for a knock off!). Shop our favorites from their shop here!

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