Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DIY: Valentine's Day Cricut Craft

Product: Cricut Mini

We do not think we're too old to still be sending out Valentine's Day cards {wait, maybe we are??}. Store bought Valentine's Day cards are cute and all, but there is something so much more sentimental about creating handmade cards. This weekend, Karen got a head start on her Valentine's Day cards with the Cricut mini. We are obsessed with the Cricut mini for DIY projects because you can design whatever you want on the Cricut mini's online application and then the mini machine will cut it out for you! Couple your cutout design with pretty pearlized and patterned paper, ribbon, glitter and other embellishments from craft stores like Michaels. Cricut, along with Michaels, offer project sections on their site where you can experiment with a lot of different creations others have produced using the cool!

What do you think of Karen's handmade creation?

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