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Thursday, February 18, 2016

TSS Favorite Things: February

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It's been a while since we have stumbled across some awesome home decor and recently we stumbled across a quote that we felt is so fitting for our powerful, strong sorority sisters. The quote is from Shakespeare and reads: "Though she be but little, she is fierce". Well, in true sorority girl fashion, we decided to go on a quest to find cute home and every day accessory pieces that show off such a strong quote. Shop our favorites above!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

5 Perfect Indoor Plants to Have

Having greenery in your room or home adds so much more life than you actually think.  The tricky thing is, it's actually a living thing that you need to take care of.  We've learned that there are so many different watering techniques and there's definitely low maintenance plants and high maintenance!  From our personal experience & asking our friends around, we've narrowed it down to 5 best indoor plants to have in your home that are all low maintenance!

If you decide to go out to get yourself one of these guys, make sure to go to to learn more about how to take care of your plants!

1. Snake Plants
2. Aloe
3. English Ivy
4. Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees
5. Succulents

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

TSS Contest: Most Beautiful Sorority Homes!

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We're on the hunt for our country's most beautiful sorority homes!  There are so many different styles of sorority homes all over the country and we want you to submit your house if you think it deserves to be on our Most Beautiful Sorority Homes list!  We will be selecting our winners next week so submission ends this Sunday!

To Enter Email Us at
1. high quality photo of the exterior of the house (if you want to include the interior too, that's great, but optional).
2. Your school
3. Your sorority
4. Your chapter's Instagram account to be tagged in

Or you can enter by tagging us in a photo of your house on Instagram!

Submission ends this Sunday, September 27th!  Good luck!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dorm Room Decor


Decorating your dorm room is probably the highlight of every college girl, sorority girl or not! If you're obsessive like we were, then you're probably not ashamed to admit that you probably started a Pinterest board of all of your must-have dorm room decor items. We are a sucker for Target because they have the absolute best, most trendy affordable room decor. How cute is this chevron rug they have available? It is the perfect focal point for your dorm room and you can contrast it with bold bright colored wall art like this fun yarn art from Nordstrom. Speaking of Nordstrom, they have an awesome home decor section! We have pulled some of our favorite home decor pieces for you to shop so find them above. Good luck!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Best Sorority Instagram Contest

It's time for some friendly competition! Instagram has really taken flight over the past few years and now so many people are Instafamous (we can't believe that that is even a word!). We have been loving seeing what all of our sorority readers have been up to all summer via their shared Instagram photos that we want to give you and your house more of a spotlight. From now until August 7th, we want you to prove that your sorority's Instagram page is the best by showing us through pictures how it fits with all six of our site categories: Campus Catwalk (clothes, fashion accessories), Dolled Up (makeup), Big Sis Tips (sisters helping sisters, activities, philanthropy, sisterhood events) Kitchen (cook-offs, exercising, health & wellness), Secret Steals (awesome deals), and Chapter Room (house decor). DM your pictures to us via our Instagram: @thesororitysecrets and the sorority to display the most pictures in all six categories will get a feature on our site. 




Thursday, July 16, 2015

Throwback Thursday: 90s Shows Every Sorority Girl Loved!

You guys, we want the 90s back!


The 90s were full of the movie Clueless on repeat, Nintendo 64 games, our beloved Skip-Its, and Lisa Frank. But, best of all were all of the TV shows we had our eyes glued to. Since it's Throwback Thursday, let's walk down memory lane with our favorite 90s TV Shows.
  • Clarissa Explains It All: Could her young, easy yet drama-filled life be anymore enviable? We loved feeling like we were having one-on-one convos with her when she would "freeze time" and talk directly to the camera.
  • Saved By the Bell: Speaking of talking directly to the camera, that happened a lot from Zach Morris. Can we say major crush? We loved watching Zach Morris, Kelly Kapowski, Skreech and all of their friends navigate through high school life.
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel Air: This is a story all about how our lives got flip-turned upside down and we'd liked to take a minute and sit right there and tell you how we MISS The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
  • The Adventures of Alex Mack: It's not every day you see a girl disappear by morphing into liquid {lol}.
  • Sweet Valley High: Please tell us you read the books growing up. We are singing the theme song now-" Sweet Valley, hiiiiiigggh, hiiigggh, higggh, higgghhhh"
  • Power Rangers: Raise your hand if you were the Pink or Yellow Ranger (sitting on your couch, of course).
  • Growing Pains: Can we talk about how Alan Thicke hasn't aged since this awesome show?
  • The Babysitter's Club: This was another book series we were absolutely OBSESSED with. We felt like we could really relate to all of the young girls and their different life experiences.
  • Rugrats: Yes, we loved cartoons too! Angelica Pickles and her friend Suzie were quite the divas. Of course, we can't forget the troublemakers Tommy and Chuckie!
  • Martin: Pure comedy. Till this day no show has made us laugh more.
  • Friends: Whenever we hear that opening theme song "I'll be there for youuuuu" it just gives us chills. Seriously Top 5 best TV shows of all time.
  • All That: This was when Amanda Bynes was funny/cuckoo and she wasn't serious!
  • Boy Meets World: Two words: Corey & Topanga (<3)
Wow, that was so much fun walking down memory lane! We know we are missing a ton of shows. What 90s shows did you love? Share with us in the comments below!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Top 14 Posts of 2014

2014 was a year of growth for us! We loved continuing to share our best kept sorority secrets with you all and hearing a lot of your secrets. Your support of us is showing as we recently passed a major milestone: 3 million+ views! In lieu of that, we compiled your favorite fourteen posts of 2014. From beauty, to fashion, to tips and advice, you loved and read these posts. Thanks for continuing to make us your go-to site; we appreciate you!
  1. Beach Waves Hair Tutorial {by Maddie}
  2. Second Day Curls on the First Day!
  3. 20 Best Friend Date Ideas
  4. Top 10 Words To Cut From Your Writing
  5. Campus Security 101: 5 Tips To Keep You Safe
  6. Study Session Survival Guide
  7. Recruitment Conversation All-Star Tips
  8. 4 Travel Tips Every Wanderlust Should Know
  9. Clip-In Hair Extension Secrets
  10. Eyelash Extensions- Pros & Cons
  11. How To Successfully Travel Internationally
  12. 10 Ways To Nail An Interview
  13. Spring Recruitment Guide
  14. Music Festival Outfit Guide
Have a favorite blog post that didn't make the Top 14? Well, we would love to hear which post of 2014 was your favorite so leave a comment below!

Happy New Year!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Bananas for Banana Leaves

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{photo sources: 1, 2, 3}

We have a pattern crush on banana leaves!  The classic design-- originating from the 1940's-- is having a trendy moment this summer, and it's prettier than ever.  The tropical print looks fresh on everything from phone cases, to stationery, to bikinis.  The bikini is a total steal, found at Target!  Co-Founder Ali couldn't wait to get her hands on the iPhone case, and even showed it off on our Instagram the other day.

Banana leaf prints look great when styled simply; pair it with black, white, or tan/nude shades.  Or, take inspiration from the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel (where the walls are decorated with wallpaper in the pattern), and pair your print with a shade of light pink!  You can also add a taste of the trend to your home, with pillows in the print from Kate Spade.

We're totally bananas for banana leaves.  What's your favorite print for summer?

Monday, June 16, 2014

Glam Up Your Pad

Home is where the heart is!  It's where we relax, kick back, and snuggle up.  We could browse through beautiful pictures of home decor on Pinterest for hours on end (check out our pinboard here) but sometimes it's hard to make those images into a reality.  We've put together a few of our favorite helpful tips on how to be your own interior decorator, on a real-life budget!

1. Shop smart.  
Ikea is great for cost effective items (we love this area rug), but also think outside the box when it comes to larger furniture pieces.  After all, you don't need to have the same dresser as all of your friends!  If you do a little searching, you can still stick to your price range and find good quality items.  We love World Market & HomeGoods.  They both have plenty of stylish finds that are both well made & affordable.

2. Add A Rug.
Buy big!  Don't make the mistake of buying an area rug that's too small.  Know your room dimensions, and buy a larger rug that can fit in the space needed.  Bigger rugs help to create the optical illusion of a bigger space!

3. Illuminate.
The right lighting adds cozy ambiance.  Add a soft glow with lamps placed strategically around a room, illuminating any dark corners or spaces.  Choose a 3-way bulb for all lamps, so you have the option of brightness level.  Use either all Soft White bulbs or all Reveal bulbs (which give off a more "blue" glow)-- but try to not combine the two.  Keep the lightbulb color consistent throughout when possible, and the lighting will "blend" together to brighten up your space.

4. Fresh Paint.
Nothing changes a room quite like a new paint job.  When choosing a paint swatch, look at it in natural lighting 3 different times: morning, afternoon, and night.  Tape your swatch on the unpainted wall, and check on it throughout the day.  You'll notice that different times of day will bring out different hues in a paint color.  For example, Co-Founder Ali once had dark grey walls in her house.  In the morning light, the grey had a blue undertone.  In the afternoon, the glow from the sun brought out shades of purple and mauve.  It was beautiful all day long!  For more on paint, check out this article from Elle Decor on Color Picks From the Pros.

5. Get Artsy.
Artwork hanging on the walls is a great way to show your personality.  Hanging up art can sometimes be forgotten or an afterthought... don't forget to dress up those walls!  Find pieces that speak to you, and make you feel happy.  When in doubt, choose something abstract & colorful, or a classic black and white photograph.  Don't be afraid of larger pieces, and experiment with creating your own "gallery wall" of favorite works.  We love Society6 for art prints, and Ikea is great for affordable frames!  Ali also fell in love with these perfume bottle prints from Z'Gallerie for her gallery wall.  Helpful hint for gallery walls: all of the pieces should line up at the same height straight across the bottom (or close to it) for a clean look.  Check out this great "how to" on gallery walls from Z'Gallerie.

6. Go Green.
A simple houseplant or fresh flowers (even of the faux variety) can do wonders to warm up your space.  Succulents are a chic and low maintenance option, that need only sunlight and very little water to stay healthy.  If you're going faux, just make sure that whatever you pick looks as real as possible.  If neon blue roses don't exist in real life, chances are the faux version isn't going to look too real either.  Silk orchid plants with white flowers are a great choice, and usually look pretty close to the real deal!

7. Accessorize.
Not a fan of your couch, but buying a new one isn't in the budget?  Add accessories!  Try out pillows and throw blankets in fun patterns and colors.  Instead of the usual 4"x6" picture frame, try enlarging a favorite photo to an 8"x10" size with a big new frame.  Think beyond the picture frame... coffee table books, sculptures, decorative boxes, and geodes all make for decorative pieces with personality.

8. Mirror On The Wall.
Small space?  Simple solution... add mirrors!  They create depth and the illusion of a larger area.  HomeGoods is our favorite spot for finding pretty mirrors at a reasonable price.

9. Invest Wisely.
Think "long term relationship" with your big ticket furniture.  If you're making a large purchase, choose something timeless.  Pick a neutral color, a classic shape.  We found some beds from Z'Gallerie that we just love (here & here) that are sophisticated, and that you'll enjoy for years to come.

10. Eclectic Feel.
Want something funky?  Go cheap!  Hunt for treasures with "good bones" at your local Goodwill or vintage market.  Garage sales can have gems too.  See beyond the color it's in now, and envision it as a whole new piece.  Antique brass iron bed + turquoise spray paint= bohemian bedroom dreamland.  Or, add white spray paint for a shabby chic paradise!  The choice is yours.

What are some of your favorite places to shop for home decor?  Share with us!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

12 Reasons Why You Should Live in the House

1. It's a sleepover... every. single. night.
Sure, that could mean giving up some of your quiet time, but there's nothing like spending every day and night with your sisters.

2. Yummy food!
We are officially out of the parents' house and we are living on our own- which means no more home cooked meal! That is, unless you live in the sorority house!  There's nothing like home cooked meals (breakfast, lunch, AND dinner) by the house chef!  We can't live off of cereal forever, right?

3. Gain 50 new closets... but lose your own
Sharing is caring, right?

4. Pretty Little Liars & Bachelor/ette Nights
Everyone knows exactly what day and time to show up in the living room to watch the weekly house shows.  The best part about it? Everyone's reactions ("OMG", "What?!", "No!") is always on cue.

5. There's always someone that will go on a froyo run with you
At least half of the house has a sweet tooth just as bad as yours.

6. Study buddies
There's always someone that's in the same program as you- you can always share flash cards, study guides, and help test each other!

7. Easy access to chapter meetings
Instead of driving to the house, finding parking (which is always impossible), and being 15 minutes late, just live at the house and have chapter meetings right down the hall from your bedroom!

8. Pre-party central
Whether it's a date party or formal, the house is always going to be a meet up spot to get ready with your sisters!

9. Dibs on leftover food
Those yummy desserts that the boys bring over to chapter meetings when they serenade your sorority is all yours.

10. Gym buddies
You always have a froyo buddy, but you can also always find a gym buddy to motivate one another for a great workout!

11.  Inside scoop on everything
What happens in the house, stays in the house, and the great part about it is that you live at the house so you know everything!

12. You will never have the opportunity to experience living with all of  your sisters, ever again
An opportunity like this will never come again, so enjoy every second with your sisters and experience what sisterhood is all about.

What are some other reasons why you've enjoyed living in the house?!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Things for the Home {all under $100!}

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It's almost summer time, which means moving out and moving into a new place!  Whether you're moving out of the dorms or just to a new apartment, we found some cute finds to decorate your home all under $100!  

The Jonathan Adler Zebra Dish is one of our favorites and it also comes in silver! Um, can we take a moment and check out the adorable Lanvin illustrated playing cards?  It's perfect for game night with your girlfriend and every household needs a deck of cards, right?  

One Kings Lane and Nordstrom is definitely some of our favorite places to find cool & unique things for the home!  What are some fun things you've found for your home under $100?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Workspace Chic with Office Depot/See Jane Work: Ali's Picks!

For us, a creative workspace means a happy workspace.  Being in an environment that provides inspiration keeps the creative juices flowing while you're working away!  When TSS Co-Founder Ali moved in to her new office, she was excited to decorate & get organized with her finds from Office Depot & See Jane Work.  Practical items with a feminine and colorful touch?  Sign us up! 

Ali fell in love with the black and white patterned items-- from polka dots to stripes.  She picked bright white as the backdrop for her space, so these two patterns fit the color scheme perfectly!  The striped Letter Sorter & Magazine File added interest to the corner of her desk... not to mention, they're great for organization!  Both items hold papers and small notebooks with stylish ease.  Even the little Pink Notecards find a home in the Letter Sorter.  Hey, you gotta send those thank you notes!

Those highlighters pack a punch... they're smudge-proof!  We've never seen a highlighter like this one before.  Another practical item is Binder Clips, and we fell for these sweet little pink ones-- complete with a bow on top.  Binder clips have certainly never been this cute before!  The polka dot Business Notebook keeps things together with an elastic band, and is great to grab for notes on the run.  Sticky Notes are always handy, and these ones felt special in the Lavender color.  Got a quick note to save for later?  The polka dot Flip Book Notebook will do the trick.

Two of Ali's favorite items are the White Stapler and White Tape Dispenser.  She loved the clean and simple lines, and of course the chic white color it was offered in!  Both items fit right in with the decor, and make for nice looking (and useful!) desk accessories.

Binders and Padfolios are an office staple, and Ali couldn't resist the ones with the polka dot pattern.  The Padfolio is one of our top picks... clipboard on top, and a legal size notebook fits neatly inside.  It's a great item for meetings, and for jotting down notes on the go.

We're constantly making "To-Do" Lists.  Seriously, who can live without one?!  When Ali saw this pink To Do Sticky Notepad, she had to have it.  It's a lifesaver for daily tasks, complete with spots to check items off as you go.  Naturally, Ali thought that Pink Pens to match her notepad would be a nice touch!

We love how Ali's office space came together with her finds from Office Depot & See Jane Work.  Big thank you to everyone at Office Depot for helping her creative space come to life.  With these finds, we've discovered that there's no need to be bland... practical office supplies can have style too!

So, are you inspired to go shopping?  You're in luck!  Check out our Coupon for $10 off your purchase of $50 from See Jane Work.  Hurry, it's valid through the end of March!

*Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Office Depot, however, all views and opinions are solely that of The Sorority Secrets.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Light Up Your Place {Target + GE Reveal Light Bulb Room Makeover}

We have been going through so many remodels from our homes to our offices. As much as decorations are a big deal in transforming your space, so is the lighting in your place. That is why it could not have been more perfect timing for Target to share with us one of their awesome lighting options: the GE Reveal Bulb. As Bloggers, we are HUGE fans of natural lighting. The yellow lighting that a lot of bulbs give off doesn't really translate well in those infamous selfies you see us posting from time to time--haha! That is why we instantly loved the GE Reveal Bulbs because it allows for more natural lighting inside. We did 'Before & After' pictures of the lighting in each of our rooms just to show you how cool these light bulbs really are. Check out our pictures below! BONUS: If you like our results, check out Target’s Cartwheel app for 25% off GE reveal light bulbs. Just search “GE reveal” to find it. Offer expires 2/28. (Download Cartwheel on your IOS or Android.) Cartwheel offers instant Target savings at the tip of your finger! P.S. We just might be doing a giveaway on these awesome light bulbs…stay tuned!

Karen: "Before I put in my GE Reveal bulb the lighting in my place was pretty yellow. When I replaced it with the GE Reveal bulb, you could instantly see a difference: the lighting was much more natural!"

Ali: "You can tell that the GE Reveal bulb is less yellow, more like the natural light coming through the window. Brighter and more vibrant for sure!"

Sakura: "We just moved into a new office space in Scottsdale so this light fixture you see pictured was empty when we got there. As soon as we placed the GE Reveal bulbs into the light fixture, the natural light glow matched the natural lighting outside--just perfect!" 

*Disclosure: This post was sponsored by GE Lighting, however, all views and opinions are solely that of The Sorority Secrets.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Back To School With Office Depot/See Jane Work: Karen's Office Picks!

Want this entire office look? Take this entire collection straight to your shopping cart here!

Back to school means back to getting organized for long nights of studying, interning, working, and everything that goes into being a full-time student. We are all too familiar with the fun that comes with getting reorganized for school. Recently, Victoria, ZTA and former It Girl Intern, took on a position to help more with The Sorority Secrets. With her being a student, we wanted to make our Seattle office accommodating for her so we chose office essentials fit for school. Let's take a tour of all the fun office items we chose via Office Depot's See Jane Work office line:

Organization, organization, ORGANIZATION. That was the theme for our office set-up so we naturally gravitated toward items that would keep us organized. Sometimes non-office related items can make their way into your space, so we loved these bins from See Jane Work--they're great for miscellaneous items that you just want out of the way.

One of the best ways to keep a space organized is to have some sort of a filing system. See Jane Work office supplies are great for that, especially with their file holders and customizable labels. Victoria can separate school work and The Sorority Secrets' work easily with this easy way to file paperwork. We especially loved two things {well, actually three}: one, their black stripe letter tray and white document box because all the work that Victoria completes she can toss it in there and we just know to check there for completed work, and two, See Jane Work's cork board, wall filer, and dry erase board. If you combined all three together, it can be one point of reference for notes, files, and special reminders.

Balancing school and work can be tough, that's why setting little reminders around the office is beyond helpful. Sticky notes and just little notes in general are all of our favorite ways to stay on track. That's why we were so excited when we stumbled across See Jane Work's writing pads, note cards, and magnets {so convenient for your dry erase board or even a cabinet/fridge}. The plain non-magnet note cards and Thank You cards that came with envelopes are awesome too and we used the cute magnet buttons to keep those sort of notes up. For school, nothing beats having the pad folio clipboard, presentation folder, and the faux leather portfolio that See Jane Work offers. We just had to snag these because they're useful for both school and work--very professional and stylish. There's nothing like keeping your papers together in a trendy way!

Of course, an organized desk is a happy desk and makes for one happy student. The festive pencil cup, tape dispenser, highlighters, portfolios, and folders are all helpful tools for Victoria as she tries to stay organized with both school and work.

BONUS: Here is a link to get $10 off your next $50 purchase. Perfect, especially if you want to shop Karen's entire See Jane Work office look here!

*Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Office Depot, however, all views and opinions are solely that of The Sorority Secrets.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Top 13 Favorite Posts of 2013!

2013 was an amazing year for us! We got to share our best kept sorority secrets with you all as we launched our site January 22nd. The attention and support we have received from you all has been nothing short of amazing. We wanted to take this time to sincerely thank you for being loyal readers of The Sorority Secrets. In lieu of that, we compiled your favorite thirteen posts of 2013. From beauty, to fashion, to tips and advice, you loved and read these posts. Thanks for making us your go-to site; we appreciate you!
  1. My Favorite Online Boutiques-Serena Kamlani
  2. Flawless {Makeup} Finish
  3. Contrast
  4. 5 Things You Need to Know When Purchasing Plane Tickets
  5. TSS Master List of Bid Day Themes
  6. DIY: Glitter Starbucks Cup
  7. Pumpkin Carving 101
  8. Our Favorite Recruitment Videos
  9. Meet Lauryn Evarts
  10. Birthday Cake Protein Shake {Recipe from Dashing Dish}
  11. Coo Coo for Coconut Oil
  12. 20 Powerful Words to Use In a Resume
  13. Recruitment Wardrobe Do's!
Have a favorite blog post that didn't make the Top 13? Well, we would love to hear which post of 2013 was your favorite so leave a comment below!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Decor Favorites

In celebration of the holiday season, one of our favorite activities dates back to a childhood favorite... holiday decorations!  We love looking at the pretty lights & decor that make this time of the year a festive favorite.  We searched throughout Instagram to bring you some of the highlights in holiday decor!  We loved seeing the decorating creativity of the chapter houses throughout the nation!

A few of our favorites?  We love the beautiful ornaments!  The anchor & kite ornaments are the perfect addition to your tree to show off your Greek pride.  And the gorgeous chapter houses decorated with garlands & lights are perfection!

'Tis the season... feel inspired, and deck those halls.  Happy holiday decorating, everyone!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

DIY Holiday Table Glitter Vase

Make your dinner table sparkle during the holidays with this super cute and easy DIY glitter vase creation. Here's what you will need:

-Mason jar or empty glass bottle
-Foam paintbrush
-Glitter of your choice
-Masking tape
-Flowers (optional)

Step 1: With your masking tape, place a strip of it about 2-3 inches from the bottom of your mason jar/glass bottle.

Step 2: Using your foam paintbrush, coat the surface of the jar up to the masking tape with glue.

Step 3: Sprinkle your glitter onto the glue. Let dry for a couple of minutes then remove the tape.

To decorate, place flowers inside the mason jar/glass bottle and your holiday glitter vase is complete!

Happy Holidays!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Photo Bulletin Boards {DIY}

As it is that time of year, our favorite time of year to be exact…recruitment time, I myself am neck deep in ribbon, rhinestones, and glitter!! “Extreme crafting” as our chapter likes to refer to it, is in full swing.  One of the biggest and most important projects that we partake in during the week of recruitment, and one of our biggest recruiting tools we utilize, are bulletin boards scattered throughout our house. These boards are a fun and charming way to give all of the beautiful Potential New Members a quick peek into the life they could soon be living. Although these boards seem like an easy task to accomplish, they are actually far from it.  This is why I wanted to share with our readers how to create the cutest and easiest boards for your chapter, dorm room, apartment, or house.

My biggest inspiration for my creations this year was Pinterest of course! Making a Pinterest board with inspiration is a necessary component to this process. I had many fun quotes and sayings on a pin board, as well as interesting visual designs compiled so I could draw inspiration at the click of a mouse…. because let's be honest, Pinterest makes us all have creative bones in our bodies. 

Each of the bulletin boards at our chapter have a theme; something that our entire chapter is involved in.  This could be anything from philanthropies to bid day, or tons of different sisterhood events from the past year. You name it, we have a board for it. In previous years, we have created boards with different backgrounds and colors. This year, we chose a color scheme to make them cohesive & more appealing to the eye. Adding a flirty flower border on every board flawlessly tied the themes together. In the end, I learned these boards are a lot of work... but they can easily display the greatest events your chapter and sisters partake in over the year! 

What crafts does your house like to make during recruitment season?  Share with us below!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Urbanwalls-the only decal shop we need!

Alright, so we have to share a secret that we have been obsessing over and it's these amazing, in-your-face (but in a classy way) decals from Urbanwalls! These decals are not your typical wall decals, it really is a wallpaper in it's own way and the best part about these decals is that they are all removable! Oh, and reasonable! 

Danielle is the face behind this amazing company with a love for design and creativity.  She's a stay-at-home mom that turned her passion into her "job" and when she's not with her boys and her new baby girl (congrats, Danielle!) and "work", she's probably working on her adorable blog!

Can we talk about the adorable designs though?! She has everything from dots, hearts, anchors (hint, hint DGs!), triangles, and SO MUCH MORE on her site and you can also find her on Etsy

We may just be feeling generous and give our readers a coupon code for Urbanwalls... stay tuned!

Happy Hump Day, Everyone! 

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