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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Cutest Christmas PJs of 2015

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Christmas Eve is tomorrow!! Besides all the family time & opening presents, one of our favorite parts about Christmas is all of the cute Christmas pajamas!  It's even started becoming a tradition for a lot of families for all of the family members to wear matching Christmas pajamas.  Every year the Christmas pajamas get cuter and cuter and we had to share our favorite Christmas pajamas of 2015! Victoria's Secret always does an amazing job and so does Wildfox Couture as they have some pretty witty Christmas pjs that are too cute to pass up!

Check it out!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers


Honestly, sometimes your stocking stuffers are what you look forward to more than your actual presents under the Christmas tree! Growing up our stockings were always filled with candy, but as time as gone by, we have noticed this fad in putting mini presents in stockings and we love it! We love this heart printed water bottle along with this funny "You Can't Spin With Us" water bottle...mainly because they're pink, haha! Everyone can use a pair of socks so why not add some fun polka-dotted ones like these one? Shop the rest of our favorites above!

What are some stocking stuffers that you will be stuffing into your loved one's stockings? Share the love by leaving a comment below!

Happy last minute shopping!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Gifts For Her: Signature Scents

Before you know it, Christmas {or whatever holiday you choose to celebrate} will be here! While gifts aren't everything, we certainly understand it is widely practiced by many, so don't fall behind on fulfilling your friends and family's gift wish list. We have decided to pull some items from different gift categories to help you have some selections when choosing the perfect gift for a special girlfriend, your Mom or sister in your life.

Today, we have compiled our favorite fragrances for HER. When it comes to fragrances, you really cannot be stingy. Your scent is just as important as your outfit and often times your scent walks into a room before you do. When thinking of selections we have high end, splurge options like Café Rose by Tom Ford which gives off a strong, yet floral and sophisticated scent. Then you have a little more middle end scents to choose from like Si by Giorgio Armani or Bella by Vince Camuto which is a newer scent. Whichever scent you choose, opt for the gift set option! You get more bang with your buck as you can add in a lotion and often times smaller bottle of the perfume in addition to the actual perfume.

What are some of your favorite scents?

Monday, December 7, 2015

4 Cutest Christmas Wrapping Paper Ideas From Pinterest

Christmas is right around the corner and we have to start putting time aside for not only Christmas shopping, but wrapping all of the presents!  A simple wrapping paper can make such a big difference when gifting a present, so you want to make it look good, right?  Well there are so many cute ways to wrap your gifts, but we've collected our TOP 4 favorite wrapping paper ideas from Pinterest just for you!

Check out these links for the cutest wrapping ideas!

Monday, December 15, 2014

5 Things To Do To Not Be Bored During Winter Break

So, finals are over for a lot of you and that means lots of free time. Like, A LOT of free time. We have been there before and while not having to study anymore is probably a relief, being bored at home during winter/holiday break can take a toll on you. Don't you worry your pretty little head though because we have come up with five things to do to not be bored during winter break.
  1. Remember how you missed the finale of that one show because you've fallen behind on all the episodes? Well, use this time to catch up on all of your shows. Netflix will be your very best friend to help you accomplish that.
     2.   Get your booty in shape! Pure Barre, yoga, spin class...they're all there waiting for you to
           take advantage of.

     3. With all those gift cards you accrued over the holidays it's probably best to use them before they    
         go missing! Head to the mall with a friend or family member(s) and shop till you drop!

    4.  Speaking of friends and family, catch up with them! Sleepovers, coffee and lunch dates, movie nights...they're yours to take advantage of as you get in the know of everything you've missed since your nose has been in the books.

    5. Read up on all of The Sorority Secrets' posts you've missed! Simply click on all of our categories (Campus Catwalk, Dolled Up, Big Sis Tips, Kitchen, Chapter Room and Secret Steals).

Have an amazing Winter Break!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

How To Save Money While Shopping Over the Holidays

Okay, so you missed Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, but you still want to save money on your holiday shopping. Or you participate in all three but you're still looking to save. We have the answer for you: choose thoughtful gifts rather than popular gifts. Some of the most meaningful gifts we have received have been the ones that came from the heart. Here are some cost-saving gifts sure to make the receiver smile:

Personalized Phone Case

For most people, their phones are attached to their hip (or palm of your hand)! A thoughtful reminder of something special on your phone is a priceless gift. Zazzle is great at making custom phone cases and they offer tons of coupons to ease the pain at checkout. You can find many of their discounts via RetailMeNot.

A Framed Picture

A framed quote or picture to hang up in someone's wall or better is truly an amazing gift. IKEA sells beautiful and cheap white and black picture frames, perfect for an art gallery wall. Create a quote on Microsoft Word or Photoshop, print it, and place it in a frame. Wrap it up (check out our 5 Easy & Cute Ways To Gift Wrap This Holiday for wrapping tips)! Either that, or go to Walgreens and print out a nice picture.

P.s. Consider even making a poster size picture! IKEA has frames big enough for that.

A Scrapbook

Nothing is better than reliving a moment in pictures. With places like Facebook and Instagram storing our pictures, it shouldn't be hard to pull them. Even consider using companies like Groovebook who can turn all of your photos online into a photo album!

A Video Montage

A video scrapbook is even cooler! If you have a MacBook use iMovie and create your own video that you can fill with thoughtful music and pictures!

A Candle

You can't go wrong with gifting someone with a candle. Everyone has a place in their home that could use some good aromas. Candles are a great investment. Check out our Favorite Holiday Candle Scents from Bath and Body Works for some ideas!

Assorted Gift Basket of Favorites

A bunch of tiny gifts can look like a nice big gift! Throw in a movie, socks, nail polish, candy and/or cookies, lipstick/lip know, essentials and place them in a nice basket (which you can find at Dollar Tree, Michaels, JoAnns, or 99cents Store). Tie it with cellophane and you've got an awesome gift.

Happy saving and gifting!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Bath & Body Works Scents For the Holidays

This weekend while everyone was Black Friday and Small Business Saturday shopping, we were at our homes decorating for the holidays! It's so much fun getting our homes into the holiday spirit with bright lights and pretty Christmas/holiday accents. But, we knew we were missing one more touch: holiday scents! Of course, Bath & Body Works is always our one-stop shop for amazing scents, especially for the holidays so we stocked up (they have killer deals!). Looking for the perfect scents to fill your place with more holiday cheer? Shop our favorite Bath & Body Works holiday scents above! Co Founder Karen's personal favorite that is permeating throughout her house is the Marshmallow Fireside. Imagine toasted marshmallows, vanilla, and smoldering wood scents mixed die for!

Which scent is your favorite from their collection? Share with us in the comments below!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Decor Favorites

In celebration of the holiday season, one of our favorite activities dates back to a childhood favorite... holiday decorations!  We love looking at the pretty lights & decor that make this time of the year a festive favorite.  We searched throughout Instagram to bring you some of the highlights in holiday decor!  We loved seeing the decorating creativity of the chapter houses throughout the nation!

A few of our favorites?  We love the beautiful ornaments!  The anchor & kite ornaments are the perfect addition to your tree to show off your Greek pride.  And the gorgeous chapter houses decorated with garlands & lights are perfection!

'Tis the season... feel inspired, and deck those halls.  Happy holiday decorating, everyone!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Party Dresses!

Thanksgiving is officially over and we're now in the month of December!  December is full of quality family time, yummy food, and holiday parties with friends! If you're not attending an "ugly sweater" party, you're probably in-need of a cute holiday party cocktail dress!  

Check out some of our favorite cocktail dresses that you should rock this year!

Happy December! 
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