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Monday, December 15, 2014

5 Things To Do To Not Be Bored During Winter Break

So, finals are over for a lot of you and that means lots of free time. Like, A LOT of free time. We have been there before and while not having to study anymore is probably a relief, being bored at home during winter/holiday break can take a toll on you. Don't you worry your pretty little head though because we have come up with five things to do to not be bored during winter break.
  1. Remember how you missed the finale of that one show because you've fallen behind on all the episodes? Well, use this time to catch up on all of your shows. Netflix will be your very best friend to help you accomplish that.
     2.   Get your booty in shape! Pure Barre, yoga, spin class...they're all there waiting for you to
           take advantage of.

     3. With all those gift cards you accrued over the holidays it's probably best to use them before they    
         go missing! Head to the mall with a friend or family member(s) and shop till you drop!

    4.  Speaking of friends and family, catch up with them! Sleepovers, coffee and lunch dates, movie nights...they're yours to take advantage of as you get in the know of everything you've missed since your nose has been in the books.

    5. Read up on all of The Sorority Secrets' posts you've missed! Simply click on all of our categories (Campus Catwalk, Dolled Up, Big Sis Tips, Kitchen, Chapter Room and Secret Steals).

Have an amazing Winter Break!
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