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The Truth About Lip Injections

As much as we have been trying to avoid the topic of plastic surgery and enhanced beauty treatments on The Sorority Secrets, we recognize that it is something many of our readers are faced with given the many outlets you're exposed to. In lieu of the recent controversy over Kylie Jenner's now famous lips, we reached out to TSS Reader, Annie Bruno, of The Skinny Blog to help answer your questions about lip injections. You may remember Annie from our "Why We Love Chemical Peels" post a couple of years ago! Taken straight from her site, she does a little Q&A so read up! P.S. Self love is the greatest form of beauty so know that loving yourself from within is what we reinforce every day. Nonetheless, we are aware that things that make you self-conscious can affect you. Ultimately, anything you do is YOUR DECISION.

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Are you interested in possibly receiving lip injections? I’ll answer some commonly asked questions that might help you to make the decision that is right for you.

1.) What are lip injections? A hyaluronic acid (this is a naturally occurring acid found in our bodies) gel particle is injected into the lips with a needle. This unique gel particle can help to create lift and structure, while also building volume. Since this is an injection there are comfort measures like numbing agents, that can easily be applied before your treatment.

2.) How many syringes will I need to purchase? Everyone’s anatomy is different, and what your lips may be able to hold without looking overfilled may be very different than someone else. Average amount that I typically see is usually around 1-1.5 syringes. Note however, that some fillers are on-label to use as many as 3 syringes in one lip to be fully-corrected. Each patient is different. Your practitioner should be able to give you an estimate before your procedure. Also keep in mind that you can start out small, and add more later if you desire to do so.

3.) How much do lip injections cost? Typically syringes range anywhere from $400-$600 each/1ML. (Prices are different amongst different demographics). Seems pricey, right? Before you go looking for a bargain, I will beg you to PLEASE steer clear from spas that offer anything drastically lower than this price point. Often times you can find a “deal” or groupon and I would highly advise against doing this. This is not to say that every spa/practice being offered on groupon or living social is not legitimate, but you should be aware of the reasons why they might be able to offer a lower price point. It is not unusual that in those practices you may have a very inexperienced injector that can actually cause you harm if you are treated incorrectly. Another reason you could be getting such a “deal” is because the spa/practice could be importing product from a foreign country for a cheaper purchasing price. Importing is not safe, and it is illegal. Imported product is sometimes fake, expired, and/or diluted. Not to mention, there is no telling where the product may be prepared and/or packaged- think bathtubs. I'm serious. If someone is willing to take that type of risk on their patients to save a buck, they do not have your health or best interest at heart. Cosmetic treatments can unfortunately be expensive and an investment, but with that comes guaranteed authentic product, safe technique, and your desired outcome.

4.) How often do I need to be injected? Lip fillers have an on-label guarantee of a 6-month duration. Again, everyone is different and some people metabolize product faster than others- give or take a few months.

5.) How much down time will I need if I get lip injections? Complete swelling reduction usually resides within a week. I would advise to be injected on a day that you will be able to have some downtime for at least 2-3 days post-injection. With regular intervals of icing, and taking arnica prior to a treatment (natural supplement for inflammation found at health food stores) you can greatly reduce your down time. You can also slightly camouflage swollen lips with concealer and nude lip colors.

6.) What if I don’t like my lip injections? Does this mean I’m stuck with them for 6 months? No! Filler is fortunately a treatment that can be easily reversed almost immediately. But go the right injector, and I guarantee you won’t be reversing the treatment because you’ll love it so much!

7.) Where do I go? I would go to someone that is a well-known and experienced practitioner in your area. You can check websites like for specific rankings on physicians. Often times highly ranked physicians also have experienced nurse injectors that will take care of you with an equal level of quality. Another option is asking your friends/family where they go, as I think referrals are always good. You can also come and see us at Hobgood Facial Plastic Surgery, we would love to have you! <Info provided below>.

I hope this was informative as I know it is a lot of information to absorb! If you have any other questions, please feel free to comment, or message me as I am happy to help you. Aesthetic treatment options don’t have to be scary, ridiculous, or obvious. Above all else, remember that they are your right! Whether you choose to divulge your information like Kylie did or not is completely up to you, and your procedures and treatments are completely protected by law (HIPPA). Be true to you and the things you do. The enhancements you desire are yours for the taking- and that’s a beautiful thing.

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