Tuesday, June 10, 2014

12 Reasons Why You Should Live in the House

1. It's a sleepover... every. single. night.
Sure, that could mean giving up some of your quiet time, but there's nothing like spending every day and night with your sisters.

2. Yummy food!
We are officially out of the parents' house and we are living on our own- which means no more home cooked meal! That is, unless you live in the sorority house!  There's nothing like home cooked meals (breakfast, lunch, AND dinner) by the house chef!  We can't live off of cereal forever, right?

3. Gain 50 new closets... but lose your own
Sharing is caring, right?

4. Pretty Little Liars & Bachelor/ette Nights
Everyone knows exactly what day and time to show up in the living room to watch the weekly house shows.  The best part about it? Everyone's reactions ("OMG", "What?!", "No!") is always on cue.

5. There's always someone that will go on a froyo run with you
At least half of the house has a sweet tooth just as bad as yours.

6. Study buddies
There's always someone that's in the same program as you- you can always share flash cards, study guides, and help test each other!

7. Easy access to chapter meetings
Instead of driving to the house, finding parking (which is always impossible), and being 15 minutes late, just live at the house and have chapter meetings right down the hall from your bedroom!

8. Pre-party central
Whether it's a date party or formal, the house is always going to be a meet up spot to get ready with your sisters!

9. Dibs on leftover food
Those yummy desserts that the boys bring over to chapter meetings when they serenade your sorority is all yours.

10. Gym buddies
You always have a froyo buddy, but you can also always find a gym buddy to motivate one another for a great workout!

11.  Inside scoop on everything
What happens in the house, stays in the house, and the great part about it is that you live at the house so you know everything!

12. You will never have the opportunity to experience living with all of  your sisters, ever again
An opportunity like this will never come again, so enjoy every second with your sisters and experience what sisterhood is all about.

What are some other reasons why you've enjoyed living in the house?!


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog! I am in Alpha Xi Delta and I love finding blogs with sorority and life tips! I'm living in the house next year (so I can't yet say what my reasons are for loving living in), but i'm so excited for all the reasons you listed in your post! : ) Can't wait to see more of your posts and get more wonderful ideas : )

    1. Aww we are so happy to have you as a reader. Enjoy living in your house! It will be the best experience :-)


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