Wednesday, June 11, 2014

DIY Butcher Paper Wall Calendar

Staying organized can be tough. But when it looks this good, it is actually pretty easy!  With different events, study sessions, and all of the birthdays we have to remember, things can fall through the crack easily!  That is, unless you have a ginormous (cute) calendar hanging on your wall!
Things you’ll need: A roll of kraft paper, a roll of string or cord, a wooden dowel, washi tape, scissors, a hot glue gun, chalk pen markers, a ruler and Command hooks.
Step 1. Roll out your kraft paper and draw your calendar. Here is where a ruler comes in handy. We traced ours out before, creating a grid that was seven squares wide by five squares long.
Step 2. Tie your cord around the end of the wooden dowel. Measure out about six feet in cord. You’ll have plenty leftover, but it is better if you have too much than too little.
Step 3. Secure the cord to the end of the dowel by wrapping it around a few times and gluing it down.
Step 4. Thread the dowel through the middle of your kraft paper roll and repeat steps 2 & 3 on the opposite end.
Step 5. Use washi tape to mark important dates, appointments and meetings on your calendar. You can write the details (time, place, etc.) directly on top of the washi tape with a permanent marker.

Happy Crafting!

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