Thursday, January 8, 2015

4 Products To Help You Stay Focused

For most of you, school has just restarted or for many of you, those New Year's Resolutions are already wearing off {haha!} Whatever the case, we understand how hard it can be to stay focused. Energy is the best way to catapult you into movement, but it takes more than energy, it takes being centered and focused. We have come up with 4 products sure to not only give you energy, but to also create a level of focus to help you move through the day!


We have shared with you EBOOST before and well, we can't stop talking about it, and apparently many others can't either as EBOOST has blown up. It's no wonder because their product really works! If you want to be focused while also taking in important daily vitamins then EBOOST is your answer. With new delicious flavors like Super Berry w/ Coconut Water, Berry-Melon w/ Coconut Water {our absolute favorite!}, and Fruit Punch w/ Coconut Water it makes drinking an energy drink actually tasty. EBOOST is sold at many nutritional stores like GNC, but your best bet is to buy them online!

We may not be crazy over the taste of Mental Mojo, but we are crazy about the results. Promoted as an "intellectual blast" we actually felt a true burst of energy after consuming just one packet of their product. Just mix it with water and prepare to be alert and energetic! Mental Mojo started last year and we're sure they will be be selling them throughout many universities across the nation. You can buy their products directly online, though.

3. ISAGENIX Natural Orange Flavor Electrolyte Mix

ISAGENIX is based out of Arizona and is widely known for their awesome weight loss program. But, for this company it's more than just losing weight; it's about a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, they sell amazing energy products one of which is the ISAGENIX Natural Orange Flavor Electrolyte Mix. It tastes DELICIOUS and keeps you energetic and focused throughout the day. Other flavors include Tropical Fruit and Hibiscus. You can only get ISAGENIX products as a member of ISAGENIX. However, there are ways to buy this product via ebay or Amazon. It is worth it!

This is another product sold by ISAGENIX that gives you natural energy keeping you alert and focused. The energy is sustained so similar to EBOOST, you don't immediately feel like you're going to have an energy crash. The apple pomegranate flavor isn't bad and really, there is something to be said about an energy shot where the main ingredient is water. It's a must-try! Try purchasing this product via Amazon if you're not interested in becoming an ISAGENIX member (though we totally encourage it to save money)!

Wishing you more days of energy!

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