Thursday, July 16, 2015

Throwback Thursday: 90s Shows Every Sorority Girl Loved!

You guys, we want the 90s back!


The 90s were full of the movie Clueless on repeat, Nintendo 64 games, our beloved Skip-Its, and Lisa Frank. But, best of all were all of the TV shows we had our eyes glued to. Since it's Throwback Thursday, let's walk down memory lane with our favorite 90s TV Shows.
  • Clarissa Explains It All: Could her young, easy yet drama-filled life be anymore enviable? We loved feeling like we were having one-on-one convos with her when she would "freeze time" and talk directly to the camera.
  • Saved By the Bell: Speaking of talking directly to the camera, that happened a lot from Zach Morris. Can we say major crush? We loved watching Zach Morris, Kelly Kapowski, Skreech and all of their friends navigate through high school life.
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel Air: This is a story all about how our lives got flip-turned upside down and we'd liked to take a minute and sit right there and tell you how we MISS The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
  • The Adventures of Alex Mack: It's not every day you see a girl disappear by morphing into liquid {lol}.
  • Sweet Valley High: Please tell us you read the books growing up. We are singing the theme song now-" Sweet Valley, hiiiiiigggh, hiiigggh, higggh, higgghhhh"
  • Power Rangers: Raise your hand if you were the Pink or Yellow Ranger (sitting on your couch, of course).
  • Growing Pains: Can we talk about how Alan Thicke hasn't aged since this awesome show?
  • The Babysitter's Club: This was another book series we were absolutely OBSESSED with. We felt like we could really relate to all of the young girls and their different life experiences.
  • Rugrats: Yes, we loved cartoons too! Angelica Pickles and her friend Suzie were quite the divas. Of course, we can't forget the troublemakers Tommy and Chuckie!
  • Martin: Pure comedy. Till this day no show has made us laugh more.
  • Friends: Whenever we hear that opening theme song "I'll be there for youuuuu" it just gives us chills. Seriously Top 5 best TV shows of all time.
  • All That: This was when Amanda Bynes was funny/cuckoo and she wasn't serious!
  • Boy Meets World: Two words: Corey & Topanga (<3)
Wow, that was so much fun walking down memory lane! We know we are missing a ton of shows. What 90s shows did you love? Share with us in the comments below!

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