Monday, September 9, 2013

20 Powerful Words to Use in a Resume

Sure, resumes are very important, but put yourself in the employer's shoes- wouldn't you want to know exactly who you're hiring and why you should hire them?  Resumes only do so much and tell the employers so little about you; and that's exactly why there is such a thing as a cover letter.
Cover letters are often optional when submitting a resume, but we feel as though it shouldn't be optional.  By submitting your cover letter, you have the chance to tell the employer who you are, why you are qualified for this position, and what you can offer them if they hire you!  

People tend to overuse the same words in cover letters such as "hard-working" or "goal-oriented"... which could potentially categorize your resume in the "eh" pile.  So, with that said, The Sorority Secrets is all about helping you succeed and we came up with our list of 20 most powerful words to use in a cover letter!  Remember, just because we gave you these list of 20 words does not mean that you should over use them... just remember to always be yourself!

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. The past tense of "to lead" is "led." Just letting you know! I think that's what you wanted to put for number 10 on your list.

    1. Also, you wrote "yourslef" on the last line, "just be yourself" ... other than that great tips, thanks!

  2. Hello! I have just finished reading your blog and I think it's really nice. I like the preciseness and I guess it's going to be a real help for people like me who are looking for some quality technical jargon to use in their resume. I've been taking help from the Internet about situational interview questions and the jargons one should use in his cover letter. There are a lot of professional ways to design one's cover letter online. I thought maybe I could incorporate your words into the tips I've already gathered. Thanks a lot.


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