Friday, September 25, 2015

TSS Master List of Bid Day Themes 2015/2016

Wow, you guys really outdid yourselves this year with your Bid Day themes. We have loved skimming through our emails and Instagram looking at all of your fun Bid Day themes. You guys have really stepped up the originality since our last Bid Day Themes compilation in 2013. Here at TSS we are all about sharing 'sorority secrets' which is why we asked you earlier this week to share with us your Bid Day themes. The goal is to share the love and give other sororities ideas on how they can theme up their Bid Day. Below were some of our favorite themes that we saw. This year, we linked up the theme with the sorority or sorority girl so you can visually see how they did that theme.
  1. Welcome to Paradise
  2. Welcome to the Big Leagues
  3. Flying First Class
  4. Coachella
  5. Topgun
  6. X Marks the Spot
  7. Draft Day
  8. Aloha
  9. Just Got Brighter
  10. California Dreaming
We want to add to the list! In the comments below, tell us what theme you did and leave your sorority's Instagram handle too!

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