Thursday, January 16, 2014

Back To School With Office Depot/See Jane Work: Karen's Office Picks!

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Back to school means back to getting organized for long nights of studying, interning, working, and everything that goes into being a full-time student. We are all too familiar with the fun that comes with getting reorganized for school. Recently, Victoria, ZTA and former It Girl Intern, took on a position to help more with The Sorority Secrets. With her being a student, we wanted to make our Seattle office accommodating for her so we chose office essentials fit for school. Let's take a tour of all the fun office items we chose via Office Depot's See Jane Work office line:

Organization, organization, ORGANIZATION. That was the theme for our office set-up so we naturally gravitated toward items that would keep us organized. Sometimes non-office related items can make their way into your space, so we loved these bins from See Jane Work--they're great for miscellaneous items that you just want out of the way.

One of the best ways to keep a space organized is to have some sort of a filing system. See Jane Work office supplies are great for that, especially with their file holders and customizable labels. Victoria can separate school work and The Sorority Secrets' work easily with this easy way to file paperwork. We especially loved two things {well, actually three}: one, their black stripe letter tray and white document box because all the work that Victoria completes she can toss it in there and we just know to check there for completed work, and two, See Jane Work's cork board, wall filer, and dry erase board. If you combined all three together, it can be one point of reference for notes, files, and special reminders.

Balancing school and work can be tough, that's why setting little reminders around the office is beyond helpful. Sticky notes and just little notes in general are all of our favorite ways to stay on track. That's why we were so excited when we stumbled across See Jane Work's writing pads, note cards, and magnets {so convenient for your dry erase board or even a cabinet/fridge}. The plain non-magnet note cards and Thank You cards that came with envelopes are awesome too and we used the cute magnet buttons to keep those sort of notes up. For school, nothing beats having the pad folio clipboard, presentation folder, and the faux leather portfolio that See Jane Work offers. We just had to snag these because they're useful for both school and work--very professional and stylish. There's nothing like keeping your papers together in a trendy way!

Of course, an organized desk is a happy desk and makes for one happy student. The festive pencil cup, tape dispenser, highlighters, portfolios, and folders are all helpful tools for Victoria as she tries to stay organized with both school and work.

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*Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Office Depot, however, all views and opinions are solely that of The Sorority Secrets.


  1. I NEED THE BEYONCE POSTER! Where is that from!? So cute!!

    1. Aww thanks Kennedy! Co Founder, Karen, made it herself!

  2. This is awesome post I ever find that relates with leather portfolio cover.I really like it the most. You have really done great job by sharing the beautiful post. Thanks lot for the informative post.


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