Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Designed with Purpose- Hearts.com

We clearly love fashion, and we also love giving back.  So when Hearts approached us with their products, we flipped.  Fashion with a purpose?  Now, that's something we can really get excited about!  Not to mention, their products are right on trend, and totally fabulous.  To explain a little more about Hearts, here's a bit about them:

"Hearts is an ethical fashion brand that designs exclusive handbags, jewelry and fashion accessories for both men and women. Hearts upholds the ideals of "people and the planet first" in order to provide consumers with alternatives to the traditional fashion supply chain. The company supports quality of life for more than 2,000 artisans around the globe, ensuring that each person involved in the production cycle receives fair wages and safe working conditions. Every Hearts item is crafted to minimize environmental impact by using low-impact processes and eco-friendly materials wherever possible."

We are thrilled to be a supporter of Hearts, and are in love with these handbags!  Want to get your hands on your own Hearts items?  Well, they were so kind as to extend a 30% off promo code to our readers!  Just use the code TSS30 at checkout, now through 5/31.

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