Monday, March 11, 2013

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie... ever

The chocolate chip cookie, the mother of all cookies.  There's hundreds and thousands of recipes to make "the best one", but there's one special recipe that's been floating around that The Sorority Secrets will reveal today.  It's literally perfect; not too sweet, not too rich... if you like vanilla, you'll definitely like this recipe. Oh! and not to mention that it's always soft and gooey (Sakura doesn't like the other word for "gooey", so we won't say the word that rhymes with "joist")!

As we promised, this is a 2-in-1 post... so we have 2 secrets to reveal today!  The other secret is from our lovely reader and food blogger, Rhea Sommer.  We always see in recipes to use "room temperature ingredients", well do you know why? Rhea told us that it is important to use room temperatured ingredients because these ingredients bond and form air traps that expand while baking giving you a light and fluffy texture!  Make sure to use Rhea's secret when making these delicious chocolate chip cookies!  

1 Cup (2 sticks)- Butter *room temperature!*
1 Cup- Brown Sugar
1/2 Cup- Granulated Sugar
1 Teaspoon- Baking Soda
1 Tablespoon- Vanilla Extract (add 1/2 tbsp or 1tbsp more if you like Vanilla like we do!)
2 Large Eggs
3 Cups- Flour 
1/2-3/4 Bag of Chocolate Chips (depends on how chocolatey you like it!)

-Heat the oven to 375ยบ F
1. Cream the butter with the beater. The texture of the butter is really important to your end result; make sure that it is creamed, not melted.
2. Add brown sugar, sugar, baking soda, and vanilla! 
3. Mix, mix, mix! Make sure that it's mixed really well. It will be a grainy texture from the sugar.
4. Add the eggs.
5. Mix, mix, mix.... and mix!  You will beat this section for about 5 minutes at the highest speed.  The baking powder and the eggs will combine to make the texture light brown and fluffy, almost like whip cream! (Taste to make sure that you added enough vanilla during this step after you mix!)
6. Add the flour and mix.  You're going to want to mix it until the batter is stiff enough that the batter won't stick on your hands.
7. Add the chocolate chips and mix again!
8. Roll them into quarter size balls and place them on the cookie sheets
9. Pop in them oven and wait 10-12 minutes!

Enjoy your yummy cookies!

Have a secret that you would like to share?  
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  1. my secret chco chip cookie recipe:
    1 cup soft butter
    2 beaten eggs
    1 to 2 tsp vanilla
    3/4 cup brown sugar
    1/4 cup white sugar
    1 pkg 3 ounce size instant vanilla pudding mix
    2 1/4 c flour
    1 tsp baking soda
    1 12 oz bag mini chocolate chips

    Place in mixing bowl - brown and white sugars, flour, baking soda set aside.
    In another mixing bowl beat the two eggs until light, add softened butter and vanilla mix until very well combined. Last add the putting mix stir well and quickly to dry ingredients and mix fast all this with wooden spoon add the chco chips at end. This seems to setup quickly due to the pudding mix. drop on parchment paper and bake 375 degrees for 9 to 10 minutes. My oven bakes to 9 minutes and I remove to cooling rack. makes approx. 3 dozen.

  2. Very noticeable typo error not putting mix (should be pudding mix) Sorry.


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