Friday, April 26, 2013

The Best Nail Hardener

Going to the nail salon once or twice a month can get a bit pricey, we budget our money so we can afford keep our nails pretty.  We've talked about our favorite top coat in the past, but what's more important is how healthy your actual nail is.

We received this secret and we had to share it!  It caught our interest right away because not only is it impossible to pronounce the name and it's from Columbia, but you can also buy it at any drug store in the US!  Quimica Alemana is the company and the product's name and it is sworn to be the best nail hardener out there.  Quimica Alemana helps nail biters and also those with weak nails that peel or breaks easily.  You will see the difference after only a couple of weeks!

Save your self some money and stop getting gel nails or acrylics and go au natural by getting your nails healthy and strong with Quimica Alemana!

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