Monday, April 1, 2013

TSS It Girl Interns!

They come from all across the USA. Different sororities, different universities. After searching high and low, we have selected our official It Girls for Spring/Summer 2013! We are so excited to share more about our It Girl team, and have our readers get to know each of them. One thing is for sure, each one of these girls is a very special part of the TSS family!

In case you were wondering, what exactly are It Girls? Well, they are representatives & interns of TSS... each with an eye for fashion, beauty, current trends, and a love for their sorority. They keep us up to date with what's happening in their city and on their campus. Sort of like our very own trend reporting team! It Girls, we are so lucky to have each and every one of you! 

Lots of features to come, showing off what these fabulous ladies have to offer. Think you have what it takes to be an It Girl? Keep an eye out... our team might be growing very soon! 


  1. ahhh yay i'm from old bridge, too :) can't wait to see what they report!

  2. How do you submit to be an IT Girl?


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