Friday, June 28, 2013

TSS Summer Bucket List 2013

Ever since Karen saw her little sister's Summer Bucket List taped to her wall, it inspired all of us to come up with our own Summer Bucket List! We love the idea of coming up with a list of things we need to accomplish before summer's end because it makes each summer day worthwhile. A Summer Bucket List is a list of things you haven't done that you would like to do before summer ends. For us, our Summer Bucket List mainly consists of things we have done, but have not done in a long time. Sakura is determined to make her way back to Disneyland, Ali is looking forward to taking a mini road trip with friends, and Karen is determined to ride the big, new Ferris wheel in downtown Seattle. Life is just too short, and so is summer so live it up, take chances, and make memories! Make your goal this summer to ACTUALLY do things on your Bucket List.

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