Thursday, September 5, 2013

Category 5 Boat Shoes: A Kickstarter You'll Want to Fund!

Shoes: Category 5

A school project for Jason Shuman, a recent University of Miami grad, turned into a business with 5 best friends.  Category 5 was founded 2 years ago, which provides the first customizable boat shoes that was geared towards fraternities.  After the success of their men's line, Category 5 is ready to take on a women's line; featuring coral, coconut, and mint colored boat shoes... but, this will happen ONLY WITH YOUR HELP! 

Category 5 has started a Kickstarter to help them launch their women's line and they are only less than a month away from the deadline!  Their goal is to reach $15,000 and they've raised more than $10,000 and the rest is up to you!

What's cuter than boat shoes with your Greek letters, sports team, logo, or state? Category 5 shoes can also be the best gift for your boyfriend, dad, or brother. 

Check out their Kickstarter page and help the boys launch their women's line! 


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  3. Booo. I wish I wasn't late to the game because those are cute and they are making my summer fever even worse.


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