Monday, September 30, 2013

DIY: Photo Collage Monogram

Between move in, recruitment, big/little reveal, and initiation, there is no shortage of sorority crafts to be made. This is a fun, simple, and inexpensive way to add a personal touch to any of your upcoming crafts. You could make a monogram for your bedroom, spell out your chapter's name to hang in the chapter room, or even apply the same process to a picture frame or paddle! The best part is, it cost less than $15 and all of the supplies can be purchased at your local craft store.

Did you know that both Michael's and Hobby Lobby have free apps for your phone? You can look up and instantly download coupons, and the stores will scan them right from your smartphone. I saved 40% on the large wooden letter that I purchased from Hobby Lobby! 

All you need is:
-Mod Podge (the 4 oz. bottle is more than enough for this project)
-Acrylic paint (2 oz. Craft Smart acrylic paints are only 69 cents each at Michael's)
-2 Foam paint brushes
-Pictures printed from your computer at home

Step 1: Print out your favorite pictures. If you are making this for yourself or your little, these can be specific to a certain event or just from your whole experience in your chapter. Now in my senior year, I decided to make this one as a keepsake for myself with my favorite memories. If you are making them for your chapter house, you can do a collection of all pledges classes throughout the years! Be sure to use regular printer paper, not photo paper, and choose pictures in a variety of shapes and sizes. I did this example in black and white because I think it gives a cleaner look, but you can do it in color as well!

Step 2: Cut out all of your pictures and lay them out on your letter. Your pictures will probably shift, and not end up exactly like you have planned out, but this helps give you a starting point. If you are a perfectionist, like myself, this may drive you a bit crazy at first. However, that is one of the best parts about this project. You don't have to worry about straight lines, smudging paint, or uncooperative fabric. Collages aren't meant to be perfect, and I guarantee that you will be happy with the end result! 

Step 3: Starting at the top, remove one picture, cover the back completely with Mod Podge, place onto the letter, and Mod Podge over it. You will continue this same process until all pictures are glued to the surface. Don't be a afraid to overlap them, or fold them over the sides. Don't be afraid of the Mod Podge! It will dry completely clear. Just be sure to coat it evenly and don't leave any thick white lines. There is no right or wrong way to do this. You may have to shift and adjust your photos as you are gluing them down. The paper will become wet from the Mod Podge, and therefore very flexible to smooth over the edges.

Step 4: Once the Mod Podge is completely dry, which should only be a few minutes, flip the letter over. In any color paint of your choice, paint one coat on the back. Let dry. Now, carefully paint the first coat along all of the sides. If you accidentally get some paint on the picture side, don't freak out! It should wipe right off with a damp paper towel. Let the entire first coat dry and repeat. 

Step 5: Once the paint is completely dry, paint one more coat of Mod Podge over the entire piece, including the back and sides. 

Step 6: You can add any personal touches to the edges such as rhinestones or flowers, or leave it as is! 

Ta da! Your letter is now ready to give as a gift or hang on your wall! 


  1. Awesome creativity...
    Like your Idea for this collage making.

  2. Did you us photo paper or copy paper?

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  5. This seems looks fantastic and great!. I would love to add Mod Podge wooden letters stuff collection to my home …thank you for this beautiful ideas.wooden greek letters. Really very helpfull!!!

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