Wednesday, September 11, 2013
Really, it's probably not what you're thinking! No, it's not a dating site. is possibly one of the smartest, most resourceful websites out there. Founded right after the events of September 11th, was created to help bring people together. Whether you're looking for people in your city who love playing lacrosse, to girls who love to go out and do fun adventurous things, can link you up with people of similar interests. One of our Co Founders, Karen, used this website when she moved to Seattle after graduating and it wasn't easy to meet girlfriends in the real world (aka after sorority life). Realizing how convenient the site was, Karen ended up starting her own Meetup group!

So how does it work? It's pretty simple. Go to and register. Once you're registered, select 'Find a Meetup Group'. Then, type in the city you are looking to join a group in including key words of the type of group you're interested in finding. Example: If you are moving to Chicago and want to find women who love to do Yoga, type in the key words 'women' and 'yoga'. Press search and a list of Meetup groups centered around Yoga in Chicago will appear. If you don't see a group catered to your interests, you have the ability to start your own group!

We love the story behind in the wake of September 11th and it reminds us the power of knowing and appreciating your neighbor. is awesome and helps you to meet like-minded individuals, so if you are new to a city, seeking new meaningful friendships, or eager to explore your home, we encourage you to check it out!


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