Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Spirit Jersey Craze

Summer has finally come to a close and sorority girls all around the country are looking forward to the upcoming fall semester that is quickly approaching! One of my favorite things to do right before I go back, is stock up on new fall clothes that I can show off all semester while walking around campus. One particular item that has hit the sorority (and non sorority) world by storm is the extremely popular SPIRIT JERSEY! This trend started out in the south and then made its way up north and across the country! By now, just about everyone has heard of these shirt/sweatshirt combination tops! The spirit jersey is perfect for fall because it is not as heavy as a sweatshirt but it can still keep you warm on those chilly October days. They come in a variety of different colors and can be personalized on the back with almost anything that you ask the Spirit Football Jersey company to put on it. What a great way to represent your school, sorority or even town. Amazing way to also get your sorority name out there to upcoming freshman--think recruitment! 

Typically worn with shorts or leggings, these tops are perfect for lounging around or even going to class if you are having a lazy day. It is funny to walk around campus and see the sea of girls in different colored jerseys walking around! To check out the different color and sizing options Spirit Football Jersey has, here is their website: Spirit Football Jersey. Or you can check out their Facebook page which has tons of amazing pictures that girls have taken with them on: Spirit Football Jersey !

Even one of our friends here at The Sorority Secrets, Sarah Belle, did a vlog on how Spirit Football Jersey actually made her her own version of one! You can watch the vlog on it here!

Look out for spirit jerseys across your campus this fall! 

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