Tuesday, November 12, 2013

12 Workout Pandora Stations

The only two things you need for a great workout is a good workout playlist and cute workout gear! As you saw a couple of weeks ago, we're currently obsessed with Athleta athletic wear (see post here). Sakura here is sporting the Athleta Revelation Capri and the Athleta Retreat Tank, which are both so unbelievably comfortable and cute!  We especially love the Retreat Tank because the top has a built-in bra and the bottom half is made with a different material that is flowy and allows air flow during your workout!

We recently discovered that Pandora came out with amazing workout playlists that will change your workout FOREVER. They're all upbeat, fun, and will help motivate you at the gym!  They even have a "Yoga Workout" playlist!

What's your favorite Pandora playlist to workout to?? 

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