Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Black Friday Survival Guide

Ready, set, SHOP!!  Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year, is upon us.  With all of the sales & great deals going on, we love taking advantage of this hectic day.  But facing the masses at the mall, just to get those killer boots on sale, is no easy feat.  Have no fear fellow shoppers, we're here to help you make the most of Black Friday... and successfully survive the day!

First and foremost, eat something.  You're stuffed from your Thanksgiving turkey, and might be experiencing a mild hangover from yesterday's food coma.  Have a light breakfast, and throw an extra snack (granola bar, protein bar, trail mix) in your purse for later.  Trust us, that mall food court is going to be BUSY... you'll be happy you packed a treat!

Bringing someone with you is key.  You can help each other wait in lines, carry things (honestly, a girl can only carry so many shoe boxes by herself to the register), you can give each other a second opinion, and keep you company as you navigate through the crowds.  Team effort here!  Having a trusted person's opinion can really help when sale shopping.  Just because it's on sale, doesn't mean you need it... see items #7-9 on our list about that topic as well.

Before you get too shopping happy, don't buy everything in sight just because it's on sale.  Ask yourself: "do I own at least 3 outfits in my closet that I could mix & match this with?"  If the answer is no, think twice.  If you're not sure (and want to buy it while it's on sale), just make sure that the store you're purchasing from allows returns.  Make note of their return policy, and save your receipts too!

Black Friday is a great day to get lots of bargains, but they still can add up fast.  Set yourself a budget that you feel comfortable with before you head to the mall.  That way you can feel happy, not guilty, about your purchases once you get home.  After all, Black Friday is supposed to be FUN!  On your mark, get set... GO and get your shop on!

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