Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year, New Resolutions

Every year, people come up with all sorts of "new year's resolutions" that they will try to keep.  We've heard them all... from going to the gym more often, to being more punctual.  But really here, what about the smaller resolutions?!  You know, the things that make your day a little happier, a little brighter?  Now those are the new year's resolutions we're after in 2014!  This year, we're seeking our resolutions in the form of daily doses of happiness...

1.  Enjoy the sunshine.  Grab lunch outside, take the dog for a walk.
2.  Call your mom, call your grandma.  She will appreciate it.
3.  Say "I love you."  Tell your friends, sisters, your significant other, your family.
4.  Wash your makeup brushes.  Your face will thank you.
5.  Take vitamins.
6.  Spend some time away from your phone.  Put it down, and feel comfortable with that.
7.  Feel in the moment; enjoy what you're doing right now.
8.  Give big hugs.
9.  Learn something new; like how to cook a new dish, or how to swing a golf club.
10.  Skip that Starbucks, make coffee at home when you can.  Little savings make your wallet happy.
11.  Checking out at the grocery store?  Ask the cashier how their day is going, and make them smile.
12.  Treat yourself to something.  If you really want that cupcake, feel guilt-free in moderation.
13.  Make a lunch date with a friend once a week.
14.  Be giving... from volunteering your time, to giving a smile.
15.  That song you love?  Blast it.  On repeat.
16.  Try out a new lip color.  From cherry red to orchid.
17.  Light a yummy scented candle when you're home.
18.  Eat more fresh fruits and veggies.
19.  Walk, take the stairs.  Extra cardio adds up, and raises endorphins.
20.  Oh and did we mention...share a smile!  It's contagious :)

Cheers to you, and a year ahead filled with joy.  We can't wait to share all that the new year has in store with all of you!  Until then, we will catch you in 2014!

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