Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Tillow: Beach Towel+Pillow

It is no surprise we have summer on our minds. We honestly cannot wait to lay on the beach, dig our toes into the sand, and soak up the beautiful sun. But, how many of you have ever been at the beach and piled up sand underneath your towel to create a headrest? Or bunched up clothing for the same purpose? How about, hide your valuables in clothes or a bag when you head to the water hoping no one will steal them or that sand won't get all over them? When you're laying on the beach do you find yourself constantly shifting to make yourself feel comfortable? Well, we think we just stumbled across a solution: The Tillow. If you're wondering what The Tillow is, we wondered ourselves until Katie Everds, one of the Founders of The Tillow (a beach towel plus a pillow), gave us a breakdown on this pretty awesome and convenient product.

Here is what you can expect to receive with The Tillow:
  • Touchscreen sleeve, designed for all smartphones & media devices, so you can switch songs, compile playlists and send messages without risk of damage. 
  • Camouflaged and headphone friendly. Camouflaged and water-resistant storage pocket that is safe from curious strangers!
  • Contour foam pillow for maximum cranium comfort. Removable for laundering and sealed with water and mildew-resistant lining.
Ok, so here is the catch: The Tillow is not for sale yet. BUT, you can help bring this product to the market by backing the product here via Kickstarter. The Tillow has one more week to raise $30,000 to jumpstart their business. This project will only be funded if at least $30,000 is pledged by Tuesday, Jan 14, 12:48pm EST.  So far, they have achieved almost 50% of their goal and if you pledge as little as $1, you can bring this useful product into stores nationwide. The cool thing is, the more money you pledge, the more perks you get of the product if it comes to the market. Don't waste anytime and back this product along with us!


  1. How ingenious! I mean, the concept is so simple yet there's no product out there that even compares.

    Great little product...


  2. AMAZING idea girls, I love it! Hope the new Years brings you lots of love! xo C


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