Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kissable Lips

 Lipstick: MAC.

Lipstick is a girl’s best friend! It’s the perfect accessory, easily changeable and can complete any outfit.  Whether you’re a lipstick guru or prefer a subtle gloss, it’s always helpful to know which colors match your skin tone best. Luckily, MAC Cosmetics carry a large variety of colors that fit all skin tones and only $15!

Fair Skin:
If you have fair skin, don’t overwhelm or wash out your complexion with ashy colors- stick with orange-based shades, fruity reds, light pinks or nude. These colors will compliment your fair skin, accentuate your mouth and brighten your face!

Medium Skin:
When you have a golden/beige skin tone, you have more versatility when choosing lipstick colors- stick with colors with warmth and blue undertones. Try a deeper nude color for a day lip and switch it up to a berry or true red for a night look. Other great colors to try with your skin tone are peaches, pinks, or darker purple colors.

Deep Skin:
Go bold! Hot pink, crimson, and dark berry are excellent shades for your skin tone! The bold colors won’t be harsh against your skin, but light pinks and nude also look great for a clean look.

My personal favorite colors right now are a pastel pink {Rose Lilly}, bright red {Relentlessly Red}, and deep berry {Instigator}. In addition to the great selection at MAC, Revlon also has a large variety of similar colors and are only $5! Happy lipstick hunting!

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