Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Take a Road Trip!

Spring Break is right around the corner... what better time to hop in the car with your favorite people, and go on a road trip!  No matter where you live, there are fun places to visit and sights to see all across the country.  Pack your bags and map out your location, it's time to go for a ride!

Before you get going, we thought of a few helpful hints to make your road trip into a fun adventure.  After all, you wouldn't want to be stuck on the road without snacks or some good music!  Read on for our tips to road trip success.

Driving in the middle of nowhere with your best friends sounds like a lot of fun, but it's no fun when someone gets hungry.  And cranky.  Pack up a bag of snacks for the trip... nuts, fruit, and something for that salty or sweet tooth should do the trick.

It might be tempting to not drink liquids during your roadtrip (less bathroom breaks?) but it's wise to pack those water bottles before you go.  Keep hydrated, drink up!  Throw in a Red Bull or energy drink too for the driver, if they feel up for it!  You can always make a stop if needed.

Nothing like a speeding ticket to put a damper on your mini vacay.  Be mindful of your speed, and check for speed limit signs around you.  Better yet, put your car on cruise control!

Make sure your ride is in good shape before you go.  Check that tire pressure, get the oil changed if needed, and make sure overall that your vehicle is in safe condition to drive for a long period of time.  After all, you've got precious cargo inside!  Besides, being stranded on the side of the road does not make for an ideal situation.  If you or a friend traveling with you has AAA, that's great too!

Bring your phones fully charged from the night before, and bring a car charger while you're at it.  Again, nobody wants to get stranded.  Just in case!

The best part of a road trip?  Singing along to your favorite songs!  Make a playlist before you hit the road, even ask your friends for special requests to add on to the list.  Keep the song selection lively & energetic, for impromptu car dance parties.

Wear comfy clothes for the drive.  Sweats, tank tops, hoodies, flip flops... just kick back and relax!  Throwing a pillow and blanket in the car is also a good idea, just in case you want to cuddle up for a little nap.

What are some of your favorite tips & suggestions for taking a road trip?  Be sure to share with us below!

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