Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Four #MCM’s You Should Consider


Man Crush Monday. The one day a week where the female population takes to Instagram showing off the men whom have caught their eye. Whether it’s your long term boyfriend, some model you stumbled upon on Tumblr, or a well-known celebrity-these are the four #MCM’s you definitely should consider the next time Monday rolls around and you are debating whose picture should grace your Instagram news feed.

4. Kenny Vaccaro
Kicking off the countdown is NFL Saints safety Kenny Vaccaro. A born and raised Texas southern gentleman, this 22 year old University of Texas at Austin alumni was drafted first round by the Saints in 2013. Although he is a newbie to the professional football world, it didn’t take long for this cutie to make a name for himself…and make an impression on the ladies.

3. David “Dave” Franco
Ringing in at number four is David Franco, aka Dave Franco who recently starred in the hit film Now You See Me. And yes, you read his last name correct. Dave is the younger brother of accomplished (and also equally attractive) actor James Franco. Call it his alluring smirk, his charming laugh or those amazing eyes-any feature is more than enough to make him Man Crush Monday material.

2. Mark Wahlberg
Oh Marky Mark. This Boston native actor has been on the scene for quite some time now, starring in movies such as Ted or Lone Survivor. At the age of 42, he for years has captured the hearts and affection of women all over the world. Although he is older, we can’t help but melt every single time he opens his mouth and that to die for Boston accent comes through. Plus have you seen his old Calvin Klein ad?! Definitely something worth hash tagging #MCM

1. Aubrey Drake Graham
It’s of no surprise that Aubrey Drake Graham, more commonly referred to as Drake, wraps up our countdown locking in the number one spot. Starting out his career on the hit show Degrassi, Drake made a name for himself on the hip hop scene when he began with rapper Lil Wayne. His smooth, sultry lyrics coupled with that million dollar smile make him more than worthy for all Man Crush Mondays to come.

It goes without saying that there are millions of beautiful candidates out there that could easily earn the title of being your Man Crush Monday. But, it is definitely worth considering these four handsome men the next time it’s Monday and you find yourself browsing for a new face to add to your Instagram page. 

Who is your Man Crush Monday? Let us know below!

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