Thursday, February 13, 2014

Three Ideas to Spice up Your Galentine’s Day!

We all know that it’s coming. In only one day, the holiday that screams pink, red, and hearts galore will be arriving. If you’re not like me, then you probably have your significant other’s gift ordered and ready to go and he, being the good boyfriend or hubby that he is, booked your dinner reservations weeks in advanced. But if you ARE like me and find yourself single this Valentine’s Day then put down that copy of the Notebook you were planning on watching and pick up your cutest pair of heels! 

Galentine’s Day inspired by the show Parks & Recreation, is the single gal’s solution to the one day that where the importance of having someone is overly emphasized. It celebrates you and your best group of girlfriends and is the one day to show the world not only how amazing you all are but how fabulous you can look on the arms of no one! I’ve put together a list of three ideas that will make THIS Galentine’s day the best one you and your girlfriends will experience yet!

Sleepovers 2.0
Just because we’re the 20 something year old generation, doesn’t mean we’re too old for a good old fashion sleepover! Have everyone rendezvous at someone’s house for a night of gossip, great food, and of course-your favorite chick flick or rom com (romantic comedy). My personal favorite? John Tucker Must Die because nothing says happy Galentine’s day more than a group of four women banding together for one common cause-the take down of a pretty face with a not so pretty reputation.

Oversized glasses, wedges, and brunch? Oh My!
Whether you’re going the morning of Valentine’s day or dragging everyone out of their beds the next day, an all-girls brunch at your favorite local restaurant could be an ideal time to get all your girls together, dress like your favorite Sex & The City character, and catch up on lost times. Granted, the restaurant might be decked out in the theme that you’re trying to avoid but after you and your friends settle in- I can almost guarantee you’ll be transported and will instantly forget about why you guys went there in the first place.

C…C..C..Cosmic Bowling!
As childish as it sounds, a night of cosmic bowling at your local bowling alley has its perks. Flashing neon lights, bumping music, a pair of shoes that barely fit and of course all of your best friends could make for an unforgettable night that will take you into the wee hours of the morning. If you’re looking for a night of dancing without the painful heels and can take a liking to aiming a ball at five pins-I seriously recommend that you consider trying this! You never know, you and your girlfriends could end up starting a little bowling league of your own!

No one likes to be single on Valentine’s Day. But it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. While everyone else is celebrating their love for their significant other, take the time to go out and celebrate the love you have for your best friends. Spending it with the people who understand you best can turn any Valentine’s Day into the one incredible Galentine’s Day.

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