Monday, April 28, 2014

Flaunting Off In The Flaunt Shop

Finding the perfect bathing suit can sometimes be pretty difficult. The pattern has to fit your style, the cut of the suit should flatter your body and the material should feel comfortable. The Flaunt Shop was our happy solution. We first heard about The Flaunt Shop from one of our It Girls because they had a clothing line that she adored. When we came across The Flaunt Shop and discovered that they had a swimsuit line we were immediately impressed by their selections (we have a thing for the nautical look if you haven't already discovered, haha!). There is truly a style fit for anyone. From sexy cuts to girly patterns you can find a bathing suit that suits your taste. Each of us are different heights and sizes so we wondered how our bathing suits that we ordered would fit. Across the  board we were really satisfied with each of our suits. The bottoms fit securely, not exposing our behinds too much. The tops came with straps so if the bandeau look wasn't fitting we could adjust. Our favorite part of our suits from The Flaunt Shop was the material. It is so comfortable that we wouldn't mind falling asleep in it at the pool or on the beach! It's not everyday that you find such an All-Star selection of bathing suits at a reasonable price. Luckily, you can start shopping for The Flaunt Shop bathing suits now since summer is around the corner!

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