Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lather Up! Our Sunscreen Secrets

Last week we got really inspired by this awesome video created by Thomas Leveritt, posted by Upworthy that highlights the importance of sunscreen. As Arizona girls, we have always been taught to wear sunscreen since the sun is pretty much out 24/7! However, often times sunscreen has been a chore to put on. Well, Thomas Leveritt's video further shows us why wearing sunscreen is important because it severely protects our skin from sun damage. It doesn't matter if your skin is light or dark; we all need sun protection to some degree.

TSS Reader and Alpha Delta Pi alumnae, Stephanie Rosa works for a company called Solta Medical, a division of Valeant Aesthetics. We reached out to her to get some better insight on the importance of sunscreen. Stephanie shared that,"The Importance of putting sunscreen on is huge! You should wear it every day, 35 SPF minimum, although 50 is recommended. Anything above 50 (75,90) doesn't make a difference, it's all marketing gimmicks. Also, the term water resistant is now being revoked by the FDA because it's not possible to have a sunscreen that is water resistant. That'll be seen in the next few months. Also, it's necessary to have UVA & UVB protection for it to do it's job! FDA will now require companies to state that it has both to be considered proper sunscreen". 
Stephanie further explained that,"Obagi makes several lines that work wonderfully and feel awesome on the skin. I use the Obagi Professional C Sunscreen and I LOVE it! It works really well as a primer too. Lastly, always having Vitamin C in addition to the sunscreen is a must. The Vitamin C serves as a serum/antioxidant".

What sunscreen do you recommend to stay protected? Share with us below!


  1. Sun protection is the most important thing to protect our skin. So many products are available in market to protect our skin from sunscreen but I am using Sebamed Multi Protect Sun Lotion SPF 50+. This is best product to protect our skin. U must try this once.

  2. When the skin is exposed to sun light a sunscreen will act as a shield to protect skin from UV rays. I am using sunheal SPF 50 sunscreen lotion ; and applying this cream daily twice morning and noon.

  3. UV radiations are very harmful for the skin and it may cause cancer. A sunscreen can avoid skin related problems like tanning, sunburn, pigmentation, skin cancer and premature ageing.

  4. Can anyone tell me which one is the best sunscreen to protect our skin from sun rays?

    1. Hi madu
      Sunheal SPF 50 sunscreen is the best one to protect our skin from sunrays. I am using this from last four months and it is available at U can try once.

    2. Hi kavya, do they have Lashield SPF 40 sun protection cream?

    3. Ya Avantika they have Lashield SPF 40 sun protection cream also.

    4. Hey madu...
      u can try any one of these products
      For sunscreen use the products
      >uv care sunscreen
      >la shield
      >depiklen spf 50 lotion
      available at

    5. Hey Aliya, do they have ansolar sunscreen lotion?

  5. Hey guys.....
    For best sunscreens and more health care products,
    check out this site.....

  6. La shield is a good sunscreen lotion having SPF value 40


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