Monday, December 8, 2014

How To Successfully Travel Internationally

Traveling to different countries is high on our priorities list! Last summer Sakura traveled to Japan (where half of her family is from) and last year Karen traveled to Paris and London. Karen loved it so much that she went back to Paris again this year (see our "A Girl's Guide To Paris" post). With all of our travels, we have collected a lot of information to help us make our travels easier. We want to share with you our tips/advice as you make your plans to travel abroad. Find our tips/advice below with direct links to many important things we think you should get. Leave a comment in the comments section below with any other tips you have for successfully traveling internationally.
  • Print your boarding pass and receipts.
  • Wear comfortable clothing, especially socks.
  • Always double look-double look your home prior to leaving to make sure you didn't leave anything behind, double check your taxi as you exit it, double check the security tray at the airport.
  • Guard your passport with your life! Have a special passport holder (here is a super cute passport holder from Target)
  • Wear glasses if you are a contacts wearer (it's likely you will fall asleep and it's no fun waking up with sticky eyes).
  • Carry on a toothbrush, hand sanitizer, and makeup wipes.
  • Weigh your bags before you leave the house (click here for an awesome, cheap luggage weight)
  • Download Viber and/or WhatsApp so you can make calls for free whenever you have Wifi.
  • However, we recommend paying for a temporary Hotspot via your phone provider because not everywhere has Wifi and it can be difficult to navigate a different country without an internet connection at the drop of a dime.
  • Bring a portable charger. When you're exploring, you don't want your phone to die!
  • Exchange your currency in your city airport to avoid the other country's fees.
  • Download iTranslate & Currency Converter app. For traveling to Europe, use the Euro to Dollar app.
  • Buy ear plugs!
  • Get locks for your suitcase. In some airports they open up your luggage if they can.
  • Buy European Adapter plugs (for those traveling to Europe). American plugs will not work in their outlets.
  • Lastly, if you're going to bring your own hair blow dryer be sure to use a voltage converter (different than an outlet adapter). While not all hotels or hostels have the type of hair blow dryer you would prefer, using your own could cause an explosion or fire.
Safe travels!


  1. this is the best thing ever

    check out todays blogmas post

  2. Definitely do not bring your own hair dryer! Unless you use a voltage converter (different than an outlet adapter), using appliances like that can start fires or explosions. Cell phones, laptops, etc have chargers that can handle all voltages, but hair dryers, curling irons, lamps, etc do not.

    1. Exactly my thought! I blew up my hair dryer in London, big mistake!

    2. Forget the voltage converter and buy a $/€/£20 hair dryer when you get there. It will work on all speeds and won't blow up and you can take anywhere you're traveling that is 220V. Small investment

  3. very helpful recommendations you have shared..
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  4. Make copy of your passport. Carry that around. Lock up original passport in hotel safe. Take empty bottle through airport security. Once cleared, fill with water before boarding. Keep hydrated on long flights. Get up and walk a bit every couple hours on long flights. Pack small pkg of wipes for arm rests, seat belt, tray table, tray table lock (notorious places for germs, and I'm normally not freaked by germs). Dress in layers on plane. Wear heavier clothing on plane as it lightens your luggage. Know clothing customs in destination. You don't want to offend locals by wearing capri pants in a country in which women are not allowed to wear pants or shorts.TSA approved locks for luggage. Use them not only in transit but also when you get to destination. Easy for hotel staff to steal 1-2 items from your bag but not as easy to steal the whole bag. Convert some money before leaving home country. You will have at least something to work with when you arrive. You can convert more money later. Keep your eyes open, be alert no matter where you go. Some of the best things happen when you least expect. Act like you know where you're walking/going don't take on the stereotypical tourist body language.Have fun you've saved a long time for this trip! Enjoy.

  5. Just discovered this blog and loving it! Those tips are pretty helpful, too and I can actually relate myself to every one of them! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Actually airports are the most expensive place to convert your money. Either do it with your bank prior or draw money from an ATM when you arrive.
    Regarding the locks - they open luggage for security reasons. If you have a lock they cannot open, airports may break your lock. Rather have luggage plastic wrapped and take all your valuables in your hand luggage.

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