Thursday, February 19, 2015

Spring Cleaning Tips

We cannot believe how quickly Spring is approaching which means one thing: SPRING CLEANING! Spring cleaning is the perfect time to almost start over. Whether mentally or physically, Spring cleaning will get you into a renewed, fresh mindset. For us, our biggest task is cleaning out our closets. Getting rid of clothes is not easy so we have some tips to help you let go.

  1. Ask yourself: Will I wear this in the next six months? If the answer is "No!" then LET IT GO!
  2. If you absolutely can't let your items go, do an experiment to see if you really make use out of every item. Simply buy tags, date them, and tie them to your clothes. Every time you wear an item, update the date. By the end of the year, if your clothes are still tagged with the beginning date, then it's time to give those clothes away.
  3. Have a clothing swap party! Gather your friends and pull out your clothes that you are iffy about keeping. Buy some food and drinks and make a party out of your friend's shopping your closet.
  4. To make more room in your closet, separate your clothes by seasons. Store clothes from the season you're not currently in underneath your bed (Target has some great storage bins!). Out of sight, out of mind, out of the way!
  5. Sell your clothes! If you issue is how much money you've invested in your clothes, then put them up for sale. Consignment shops like Buffalo Exchange will be your best bet. Either that, or take advantage of the app, Offer Up! where you can put your clothes on sale and people can negotiate the price with you.  
Good luck and happy spring cleaning!


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