Thursday, June 18, 2015

Top Summer Hikes

The weather has been just right in some of our favorite places in the U.S. making it the perfect time to "take a hike"! We really enjoy being outdoors (allergies and all!) and there is just something so liberating and freeing about climbing and walking some of the coolest trails. After all, we are not IN nature; we ARE nature! It's important to have moments of meditation and tranquility in addition to challenging yourself physically and hiking does just that. With all that being said, we started to ponder where some of the cool places to hike are and we jotted down some suggestions of cities and trails from TSS Reader and Alpha Chi Omega alumnae, Alyssa Conti, in conjunction with our faves. We then created  a list to share with you. Find our must-try places and/or cities to hike for the summer below and let us know which ones we are missing by leaving a comment below!

  1. Twin Peaks in North Bend, WA
  2. Grand Canyon in Arizona
  3. Cascade Falls in Lake Tahoe
  4. Waipio Valley, Hawaii
  5. Rocky Mountain, Colorado
  6. Durango, Colorado
  7. Bryce Canyon, Utah 
  8. Zion Canyon in Utah
  9. Nounou Trail in Hawaii
  10. Glacier National Park
  11. Boulder Trail in Payson, AZ
  12. Coal Creek Trail in Washington
  13. Franklin Falls Trail in Washington

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