Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Why I Went Greek: Ugochi Nwaneri From Alpha Kappa Alpha

School: Eastern Michigan University
Sorority: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated
Year You Pledged: Junior
Year Initiated: Spring 2015

What did you hear about sororities before you went through recruitment? 

I heard both positive and negative things about sororities. Obviously the positives helped me determine whether or not it was the right fit for me. I heard non appealing things such as "you're paying for fake sisters" "sorority girls party and don't get work done." On the other hand, I also heard "you build life long relationships with your sisters" "sororities participate in a lot of community service" "there are endless opportunities to network" "joining a sorority is a great way to help build your community" ... and the list goes on.

How much of it was true?

I have been fortunate to become a member of a phenomenal sorority of which I have had no negative experiences. I am blessed to be surrounded by likeminded women that achieve their academic goals while balancing extracurriculars, family and rendering service to all man kind.

What encouraged you to go through recruitment? 

After learning about all values of my sorority that are so dear to me, I stayed motivated and encouraged to get through the process. In addition, my play grandmother has been a member of my sorority since 1971. All of her involvement within the sorority as I've seen since the time I've met her not only sparked an interest but was a reminder of the greatness that was yet to come.

Favorite sorority moment?

My favorite sorority moment was the day of my probate. I was so ecstatic for the world to see that my sisters and I are now women of Alpha Kappa Sorority, Incorporated. After we finished exams, our day was spent getting "fleeky" for our show. Sorority sisters that pledged before us traveled to see us. We were surrounded with loving women that helped pave the way for us and who are the epitome of true sisters. I will never forget the day of my probate- singing and marching through campus with our gorgeous green skirts and pretty pink heels.

Any advice for anyone going through recruitment?

My advice for prospective members is to go to events pertaining to Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and of course, get to know the members. I would also familiarize yourself with the criteria of becoming a member.

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  1. Hello. I am very very interested in pledging at my school but I go to an HBCU, so speaking of what you plan to pledge is like a sin down here in TN. Our AKAs on campus are not very visible. They have not had any socials and do not participate in shows or anything. I am wondering how you recommend I find out info about pledging without seeming desperate or crossing boundaries. I have been reading and doing research (kinda lame, I know) on all the sororities we have here on campus and Alpha kappa alpha stood out to me the most, even though ours have not made a very good impression.

    Kayla (kayla.l.johnson5410@gmail.com)

  2. Hey Ugochi, I am a student at Eastern Michigan and becoming an AKA is something I've always wanted. I attended many events in the summer and in the beginning of the fall semester. It's was hard for me to open up and build new relationships with others but for the time I was with you ladies it felt great. I am currently still interested in become an AKA ����I just don't know what steps I should be taking to get there .!


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