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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sisters Succeeding: Sharon Bui, Frill Clothing Company

This 'Sisters Succeeding' post is big. Like, Shark Tank BIG.

North Carolina State University Chi Omega, Sharon Bui, partnered up with Kate Steadman to form Frill Clothing Company and now they are scheduled to appear on the television show, Shark Tank, on
March 6​th at 9/8c on ABC!

Shark Tank is a reality television program, which allows aspiring entrepreneurs to make business pitches to a panel of investors. “We are delighted to appear on Shark Tank,” says co founder Sharon Bui, “this is huge for promoting our business and we can’t wait for America to see us pitch our pride and joy to the ‘shark’ investors.

Frill Clothing is a startup clothing company, located in Raleigh, NC. The thought of Frill was first conceived when Sharon Bui, a member of Greek Life at N.C. State University, realized there was no way of buying fashionable clothing she was required to wear for formal sorority recruitment. Bui then joined with Kate Steadman, who was studying advertising with a minor in fashion at Appalachian State, and Frill Clothing was born.

While Frill Clothing is primarily targeted to sorority women who are looking to purchase affordable, yet stylish, outfits for recruitment, there are other items available on their online boutique. Frill is branching out to sell items such as jewelry, home d├ęcor, apparel and various accessories.

Frill is also an important member of the bridal community. Their skirts can be purchased for bridal parties to put on a new fashion forward spin on bridesmaid’s dresses. The skirts are stylish, affordable, and can be worn on multiple occasions. Frill has outfitted many wedding parties and the bride, as well as, the bridesmaids have been extremely pleased with the end result.

Bui and Steadman launched Frill while both were still earning their degrees, which have required a lot of hard work, and learning how to be financially resourceful. “The past couple of years we have learned what it takes to be an entrepreneur,” said Steadman, “it requires dedication but we enjoy coming to work every morning so the hard work pays off!

Be sure to catch Frill’s episode of Shark Tank on ABC this week!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Our Favorite Recruitment Videos

We're feeling totally inspired by all of the creative recruitment videos out there.  Some are sentimental, a lot of them are hilarious, and others just flat out make us want to dance!  All in all, these videos are a celebration of the sisterhood that we love so dearly.  It's clear that chapters all across the country have a lot of talent when it comes to putting together clever videos.  Plus, the music selection is pretty amazing too!

We browsed through YouTube and hand picked some of our all-time favorite Go Greek videos around.  Feast your eyes... these are a must watch!  In no particular order, here we go:

1. Chi Omega, University of South Carolina
To start, we love all of the sisterhood going on in this video!  The laughs, the smiles, and beautiful pictures capture the spirit of this chapter.  What really makes this video special is the heartfelt interviews sprinkled throughout, describing various chapter members' personal experiences in Chi Omega.  And just wait until you see all of the positive energy in the last minute of the video... we're blown away!

2. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Baylor University
This one has been out since 2011... but we still can't get enough!  These girls can dance, rhyme, and bust a move.  Honestly, how brilliant are these lyrics?!  This song is so catchy, we're probably going to be singing it all day long.

3. Kappa Alpha Theta, Indiana University
Just the first few seconds in, we were sold... their house mom might be the most adorable person ever.  We love the originality of this song!  Plus, the shots of everyone letting loose and letting their personalities shine can't be beat.  Totally an authentic-feeling peek into the lives of these fun ladies!

4. Alpha Phi, University of Missouri
The intro to this video is all about the candids; the singing & dancing in the bathroom is totally something we would do!  About halfway in, we love the change in tone, when the ladies describe "what Alpha Phi is."  A safe haven, living with my best friends, and future bridesmaids... many of the things that we cherish as Greeks!

5. Delta Gamma, Florida State University
This video. WOW.  We laughed, we cried, we got goosebumps.  And when we say we cried, we mean it... TSS Co-Founder Ali definitely shed some tears when the girls ran to each other after receiving their bids.  The spirit of bid day, captured on film!

And there you have it, some of our favorite Recruitment videos of all time!  No matter what the letter, we truly are all Greek together.  Does your chapter have an awesome recruitment video that we need to see?  Share it with us below, we would love to watch!
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