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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

We Love Disneyland

2nd Picture: Co-Founders Ali & Karen at Candy Palace.  3rd Picture: World Of Color show at California Adventure.

It's a fact: we love Disneyland.  We have loved it since we were little, and nothing has changed to this day!  Sure, Space Mountain may not be as scary as it once was now that we're "grown ups," but we're still just as excited to blast off on one of our favorite rides.  In fact, Disneyland is a totally new experience now that we're old enough (and tall enough) to go on all of the fun rides!  So, how do you make your trip to the happiest place on Earth as happy as possible?  We've put together our favorite tips & tricks!

Buy tickets in advance.
To maximize as much time for fun as possible (and wait in one less line) buy your tickets online before heading to Disneyland.  It's more convenient, and can save money as well!  Disneyland tickets are pricey, but there are also some Disney authorized websites such as aRes Travel that offer discounted rates.  Discounted rates are also sometimes available for corporate companies, students, teachers, and youth groups.  There are special military rates as well, available select dates.

Dress for fun!
Comfort is key while spending the day at Disneyland!  Sneakers are ideal, with either shorts or jeans (depending on the weather).  Think footwear that you can walk around in easily, without having to worry about tripping or getting stepped on.  Plus, a little traction doesn't hurt for water rides!  During the hot summer months, shorts are ideal... it can get toasty!  Sunscreen is a must.  Bring a small purse or bag that you can hang on to or tuck away easily during rides.  Crossbody bags work great as well!  Make sure you have room to tuck your phone, wallet, and sunglasses away inside your bag... otherwise, pack light.  Hats & Mickey ears can fly off during rides, so put them away before hopping on.  A little extra safe spot to store your Disneyland ticket is ideal too!

Use the Fastpass.
Why is easy access to your Disneyland ticket important?  So you can get a Fastpass!  Fastpasses are used throughout the park on the most popular rides, and help so there's less waiting time.  Simply bring your Disneyland ticket to the Fastpass machine, and it will give you the Fastpass (free of charge) with a time to return to the ride later that day.  It's pretty simple, but there's a strategy to getting the most out of your Fastpass:

  • You can only get one Fastpass at a time.  Don't run and grab the first Fastpass you see; think ahead!  Go to the most popular ride you're excited to go on first, and get the Fastpass there.  Each ride only allows for a certain number of Fastpasses each day... once they run out, they run out.
  • As soon as your window opens up to get the next Fastpass, go get the next Fastpass immediately!  Don't wait around, since Fastpasses can run out for the day.
  • When the lines are long for the busy rides (such as Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, and Splash Mountain), this is the prime chance to go to the other rides.  When the big rides have long lines, the others (such as Haunted Mansion) usually have shorter lines under 15 minutes.  Go to these rides while waiting in between getting your next Fastpass.
  • Put each ride you want to go on the most on your list of Fastpasses to get, and strategically go to the next one as soon as the window opens up.  That way, you'll get a chance to go on everything you want!
  • Strategize with friends and family.  If you're waiting in a line together, have one person in the group go get Fastpasses for everyone while you wait.  Just make sure they take each of your Disneyland tickets with them first!
Capture the moments.
Disneyland has professional photographers at all of the landmarks (such as Sleeping Beauty's Castle) that can snap a photo for you.  Sign up for a PhotoPass account before you go, and you can view & purchase all of the pictures taken during your trip for up to 30 days!  All of the details for PhotoPass can be found on the Disneyland website.

Experience the highlights.
For us, a trip to Disneyland isn't complete without a churro.  They are just SO delicious!  Be sure to make a stop and grab one of your childhood favorite snacks while you're there.  A few of our favorite stops:
  • Candy Palace, Main Street: our favorite spot for handmade candy, chocolates, cookies, and treats.
  • Redd Rocket's Pizza Port: over by Tomorrowland (and right next to Space Mountain) you can conveniently grab a slice of pizza!
  • World Of Color, California Adventure: this nighttime show is nothing short of spectacular.  Located in Paradise Park inside California Adventure, get ready for a beautiful show of water, light effects, and your favorite Disney movie moments.  
  • 21 years old?  Head over to California Adventure for a cocktail.  They have beer, wine (there's even a winery!), and mixed drinks.
  • Get a souvenir.  Purchase those mouse ears when you get to the park, so you can enjoy them all day while you walk around!  Save the other purchases that are harder to carry around for when you leave.
  • Ride the classics.  Teacups, It's A Small World, Peter Pan... be sure to make a stop at these memorable locations!
The necessities.
When going with a big group, plan out a meeting spot in case everyone gets lost.  Go with a fully charged phone.  Bring a hair tie.  Stay hydrated... you can even bring your own bottle of water into the park when you arrive, as long as it's unopened.  And most of all, get ready for a day filled with happiness!!

Where are your favorite rides & places to go in Disneyland?  We would love to hear!
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