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Monday, August 19, 2013

TSS Master List of Bid Day Themes 2013

We're kicking off the TSS Master List with the most exciting, nerve racking, cheer chanting filled day that comes once a year- that's right, BID DAY!  We asked you all on our Instagram account (@thesororitysecrets), your favorite Bid Day Theme that you've done and we compiled it all to bring you one master list of Bid Day Themes!  We listed everything we received so each sorority can play around with each theme!  

Wanna add more onto our 2013 Bid Day Theme list?  Comment below! 

1.  Glow Gamma Phi
2.  Welcome to the Good Life
3.  Hawaiian
4.  Hollywood
5.  You Had Me at Hello
6.  Flying First Class Since 1870
7.  Sweet Home Delta Gamma
8.  Shine Bright Like a DZ
9.     Wizard of Oz “There’s No Place Like Home”
10.     Nothing Dazzles like a Alpha Gam
11.     Welcome to the Good Life
12.     God Bless Pi Phi
13.     These Girls are on PHIre
14.     Know Theta Know Fun, No Theta No Fun.
15.     Kappa Karnival
16.     You’ve Got a Friend in Me
17.     New Bids on the Block (90s)
18.     Making America Beautiful Since 1874
19.     Red, Kite, and Blue
20.     Pretty Little Lyres
21.     Hollywood “Every girl wants to see her name in lights”
22.     In APhi We Trust
23.     Say “Yes” to the Crest
24.     Ain’t Nothing but a GPhi Thang
25.     Welcome to the BIG League
26.     Happily Ever After Starts Here
27.     Theta Joe “We Want You” (America Themed)
28.     How Sweet is it to be a Sigma Kappa
19.     Gamma Phi Just Got Beta
30.     Lucky You, Lucky Me, Lucky to be a Pi Phi (Clover Themed)
31.     Following Your Heart… Lead to the Best
32.     Pi Phiesta (Mexican Themed)
33.     Bows Over Bros
34.     I’ve Got Alpha Phiver
35.     Walk This Way (Rock Themed)
36.     Sail with the Best 
37.     A Golden Key Can Open Any Door- KKG
38.     Fall in Love
39.     It’s Not Four Years, It’s For Like
40.     Chi ‘Omerica
41.     Why Walk When You Can Fly
42.     Twin Stars & Stripes
43.     Get on Board
44.     Kappily Ever After
45.     Three Times is Better Than Just One Letter (Tri Delta)
46.     Oh, the Places You’ll Go with Delta Gamma (Dr. Seuss)
47.     The Best Just Got Better
48.     Kappa Alpha Theta Uh Huh Is the One I Love
49.     We Won the Race (Olympics themed)
50.     Why Walk When You Can Fly – Theta
51.     I’ve Got the Golden Ticket (Willy Wonka Themed)
52.     Who’s the Luckiest of Them All? (Snow White Themed)
53.     Bow Down 
54.     Betas in Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland)

55.     Wish Came True (Dream Catcher Themed)
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