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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Get LIT!

If you follow Beyonce's stylist, @Tytryone or Kim Kardashian, then you have probably been hearing the term "TYLITE" or "LIT". Well, it's probably not what you think! Your selfie game is about to be changed with these amazing new products that light up your phone to provide you with the best lighting for the perfect selfie. Hilary Clinton got to try it out and she was obsessed! One is called "Ty-Lite" and the other is made by Lumee. Each are cases that you put on your phone that light up, basically. When it comes to the Lumee, we love how you can adjust the lighting to make it dim. For both the Ty-Lite and Lumee case, we also love how it protects your phone much like any other phone case.

Get your hands on one of those bad boys and send us a selfie with the hashtag #TSSLIT for a possible Instagram feature!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

Selfie-n. The act of taking your phone or camera and taking a candid picture of your beautiful face. 

Oh the infamous selfie. We have all taken one before, and if we haven’t, we have either been enticed to or have watched someone take one. So, how does one take the most fabulous selfie? We came up with some easy tips to make sure your selfie is worth posting.

  1. It’s All About Natural Lighting- Selfies are not cute in the dark-sorry. Your followers want to see your shining face! When taking a selfie, make sure the area is nice and lit up. Natural always delivers the absolute best selfie image. 
  2. A Clean Background Is A Must-Your face should be the center of attention with your selfie. Therefore, we recommend taking your selfie against a nice, clean backdrop. A white wall gives a more bright and crisp look, but really any solid wall will do. 
  3. Chin Up- Moving your chin up and forward makes your face appear smaller on camera. After all, you are sticking a camera in your face so you want to make it look nice and pretty. Having your chin down makes your face appear larger than it probably is.
  4. Angle Your Shot- When taking your selfie, try to angle it a bit above eye level. Again, this helps to make your face appear smaller. 

We hope now you are all set and ready to take a super cute selfie. In fact, take a selfie and hashtag it #TSSelfie—we would love to see how you rock a selfie. 
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