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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Gifts For Her: Starbucks


We hate to be cliché, but are you really a sorority girl if you don't heart Starbucks (otherwise referred to as Starbeezy for the gangster in you)? Continuing on with our "Gifts For Her" series, you can't go wrong with the gift of Starbucks. Whether it's a fashion forward Starbucks' leopard mug or a total Starbucks' gift set, your sister/friend/Mom/girlfriend will love you forever...well, at least until the coffee runs out. Shop our favorite Starbucks' gifts above and share with us some of your favorite Starbucks' gift items in the comment's section below!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

5 Items Worth Splurging On

1. A good quality, timeless purse
2. Gym Membership - Nothing motivates you to workout than a membership at a good gym!  You don't want that money going to waste, that's for sure!
3. Foundation - If there's any make up you should be splurging on, it would be a good foundation!
4. A classic watch - all the cool kids have a watch on their wrist! Pair it with come cute bangles for some wrist candy.
5. A Starbucks' card - self explanatory (haha!)

Health and beauty are the two things you should invest in so don't hold back on a little splurging. The above items are great essentials that you won't go wrong investing in.

What is your favorite splurge item? Comment below!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

DIY: Glitter Starbucks Cup

During the hot summer months, we need to remember to stay hydrated!  To make drinking your H20 more fun, what better idea than to drink it out of a pretty water bottle?!  Thank you to our TSS It Girl, Avery, for telling us how to make our very own glitter Starbucks cup!  "I have not been drinking enough water in the dry Arizona heat, so I figured I would drink more if I was obsessed with my cup," Avery says.  We love this fun, easy (and so pretty!) DIY project... and can't wait to make our very own!  Here's to a healthy & hydrated summer!

How To Make A Glitter Starbucks Cup:

You will need a venti reusable plastic Starbucks cup, glitter of your choice, and spray adhesive.

Step One:  Remove the inside layer of the Starbucks cup.  We don't need it at all in this process until the very end.
Step Two:  Spray the inside of the outer layer with the spray adhesive.
Step Three:  Add loose glitter.
Step Four:  Find a lid (a piece of cardboard or a firm paper plate will do) and cover the cup opening.  Shake until the glitter is dispersed throughout.
Step Five:  Repeat steps 2-4 until you are happy with the coating of glitter inside your cup.
Step Six:  Let it dry, put the cup back together, and enjoy your sparkly new cup!

Want to show off your glitter Starbucks cup?  Share your pictures with us on Instagram, mentioning @thesororitysecrets!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Resume 101

Lately, a lot of our friends have been asking us for resume writing advice. We're all in different professions, but we pretty much agreed that there are a couple of important aspects to a resume that shouldn't be missed. Below are things we think you must have on your resume to make it stand out.

-Below your name and contact info, you should always have an objective listed. This objective should describe the type of job position you're looking for.
Example: Position within Marketing designed to administer to the growing demand of social media, where interpersonal skills, economics, and communication can be used to create sales. 
-Keep your resume to one page as often times recruiters don't have time to look through all pages of your resume. Therefore, choose headers that can really showcase how you're qualified for the position.
Examples of headers referenced in our resumes were: educational experience, professional experience, leadership experience, organizations & volunteer work, awards/honors.
-Use action verbs to describe what you've done. Complete the sentence by applying the result of your actions. 

Example of an incomplete sentence: Maintained underprivileged gym. Example of a completed sentence: Maintained underprivileged gym THAT resulted in high activity retention from the children.

Leave your resume to fully showcase you!
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