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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Miracle Nails: 7 Day Nailpolish!

It's a miracle!  We love having fresh & shiny nails, but the maintenance that manicures require can be somewhat of a pain.  When you're a busy girl on the go, it's hard to find the time!  Gel nails are great, but it can get costly & we like to switch up our polish colors more frequently.  There needed to be something... a happy medium between gel & regular nail polish.  Low & behold we made a big discovery: CND Vinylux Weekly Polish!

Literally, this stuff is genius.  Made by the same people as CND Shellac, it comes in the same fan favorite shades (and a few new ones too!) that match their Shellac colors.  It can be applied yourself, or take it to your local nail salon for application.  It paints on just like regular nailpolish with a few special tricks; you can't use a base coat (it needs to "stick" to naked nails), and you have to use their special top coat to seal the deal.  Regular nailpolish remover will take it off too... no soaking required, yay!  No UV light is needed either, it dries on its own just like traditional nailpolish.  Fun little fact- natural sunlight exposure (not from a special UV light, just regular old sunshine!) actually works to harden the nailpolish even further once you apply it.  No need to put in any extra effort to get sunshine, just regular daily activities do the trick!

Co-Founder Ali is a nailpolish fanatic, so she was eager to give it a whirl.  For a full 7 days she tried it out, and to her pleasant surprise, it held up to its claims!  By day 6 she started to notice some subtle chipping, but only by the nail tips.  The color kept its shine the whole way through.  All in all, it truly is a weekly polish that is completely DIY friendly with no salon required!

Give CND Vinylux a try, and let us know what you think!
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