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Friday, July 19, 2013

The Benefits of Threading vs Waxing

While tweezing has its benefits, we have turned to better solutions to keep our eyebrows looking great like threading or waxing. Both offer a cleaned up look, but we were starting to wonder if one might be better than the other. So, we asked our sorority sisters their thoughts on threading and we came up with a couple of reasons as to why threading is better than waxing.
  • No burning! In order to use wax it needs to be warm, but in some cases the wax can be too hot for your skin and cause lots of pain and scabbing/scarring. You don't have to worry about any of that with threading since no heat is used.
  • No chemicals. If you have sensitive skin, chances are waxing can be irritating since lots of preservatives, resins, and fragrances are components of the wax. With threading no chemicals are used-just a piece of thread!
  • Less skin contact. While both threading and waxing have an interaction with skin, waxing seems to have more contact with the skin as it pulls at it while removing the hair. Threading has more contact with the root of the hair rather than taking the skin. 
  • Limited redness. Since waxing pulls at the skin, it causes inflammation and creates a distinct red color in the areas of the skin pulled. Threading also causes some redness, but it is very mild and does not linger like after waxing does. It usually disappears within the hour.
Which do you prefer: Threading or waxing? Weigh in here or let us know on Instagram, @thesororitysecrets.
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