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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

20 Best Friend Date Ideas

We all have friends- maybe a big group of friends or maybe just a few friends, but we all have that friend that we can't live without... that's right, your best friend (aka your BFF, Bestie, "Biffle").  The one that always "gets it" and knows you from inside and out, the one that knows when you're down and lifts you up when you need it.  Having a best friend is something that everyone needs because... well, it's that special and amazing. 

Whether you're busy with your nose deep into your books for an exam or you're Miss Working (full time) Busy Bee, making time for your best friend is still so important!  Like you have date nights with your boyfriend, plan out a weekly date Best Friend Date Day/Night with your bestie!  Here are some of TSS' TOP 20 things to do with your best friend!

1. Gym sessions (help motivate each other!)
2. Make weekly manicure appointments with each other (save money & spend quality BFF time!)
3. At-home dinner nights
4. Chick-flick movie nights
5. Bestie photo shoots (get creative and make cute BFF photos like the ones above!)
6. The good ol' sleepover
7. Start a TV series together
8. Shopping
9. Cooking class
10. Late-night drives (maybe even an overnight trip!)
11. Junk food nights
12.  Pick a random, hole-in-the-wall restaurant that neither of you have ever been to
13. Weekly celebrity tabloid nights
14. Go through old photos on each others Facebook accounts
15. Plan and write down each other's future (5, 10, 20 years)
16. Weekly lunch dates
17. Make a best friend bucket list
18. Have a pinning marathon (yes, by "pin" we mean Pinterest)
19. Get ice cream or froyo
20. Play M*A*S*H* (because it never gets old)

Treat your best friend as if she was your boyfriend, because finding your #1 is a lot more difficult than you would think!

What other things would you do with your best friend?? Comment below!

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