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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Sorority Girl's Guide To Living a Disciplined Life

We are all about constant self-development. Co Founder, Karen, had the amazing opportunity to attend a leadership conference lead by John C. Maxwell, the #1 Leadership Expert in the world. He has created over 100 books, selling 25 million copies worldwide. During his talk, he spoke about living intentionally. One of the biggest ways that we can all live intentionally is by having order and direction in our lives. The best way to achieve that is to have a disciplined life. Since that can often be hard to imagine, Karen has shared the way with which she is striving for discipline and it is through an hourly schedule. From the time she wakes up to the time she goes to sleep there is something intentional she is involved in. Use her layout and plug in your daily value-added activities. Simply copy and paste her schedule into the notes section of your phone or in a Word of Googledoc and input your day-to-day. Then, share it with a close family member or friend so they can hold you accountable.

Tips on things to fill your day with: reading an informative or inspirational book, exercising, building a website, learning a new craft, eating three meals and three snacks a day, praying, allocating a "social media time". Can you think of any more?

A Disciplined Life (example)

6:30AM - Eat
7:00AM - Leave for gym
7-7:35 - Workout
8AM - Shower/Get ready for the day
9AM - Eat breakfast
10AM - First appointment
11AM - Eat Snack/ listen to inspirational messages
12PM - Second appointment / Talk to God
1PM - Lunch
2PM - Last appointment
3PM - Snack
4PM - 7PM - Side projects and/or social media time
7PM - Dinner
7PM-9PM - Meetings if applicable/ prepare for next day
9PM - Wash face/ brush teeth
9:30PM - Read
10PM - Pray/Go to Sleep
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