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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Birthday Cake Protein Shake {Recipe from Dashing Dish}

Protein Powder: Lean 1.  Sweetener: Truvia.  Sprinkles: Betty Crocker.

In the search for things to eat that are both nutritious & delicious, we're always on the lookout for a tasty new find.  Protein shakes have become one of our staples for healthy eating (especially on the go!) and just your average vanilla or chocolate shake can get a little bland after time.  Well boring protein shake no more, we found the perfect way to spice it up!  Oh and did we mention, it tastes a lot like our favorite decadent treat... cake batter!!

We found this fabulous cake batter protein shake recipe on one of our favorite sites, Dashing Dish.  The recipe is post-workout perfection, or as a great healthy treat for anytime.  The shake reminds us of a thick and creamy cake batter ice cream milkshake.  For your vanilla protein powder base, we really enjoy the taste and consistency of Lean 1.  Sprinkles are optional, but we sure think that they add to the fun!  We love the idea of adding flavor extracts to protein shakes to kick the flavor up a notch, such as using almond extract in this recipe.

If you're looking for more creative protein shake concoctions, look no further than Dashing Dish.  With a few extra ingredients, protein shakes can be transformed into lots of fun dessert flavors!

Special thank you to Dashing Dish for the yummy recipe, and for letting us feature it on our site!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Better be Taking These Everyday, Ladies!

Source: FitDay

We all know how important vitamins are but do we actually take them??  There are so many different kind of vitamins, multi-vitamins, brands, etc who knows what we should be taking.  We thought it would be beneficial to share the TOP 5 most important vitamins for women to take... and all you gotta know is your ABC's!  

Here are the TOP 5 vitamins all women should be taking, why you should be taking it, and where it can be found!

Stay healthy, ladies!
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