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Thursday, April 17, 2014

10 Ways to Nail An Interview

It’s already spring which means it’s time to start that summer job hunt if you haven’t already. One key aspect that will make-or-break your search will be the interview. Most likely, if you’re lucky enough, you will land one of these bad boys and they can be pretty intimidating. But have no fear! Here are ten ways you can nail your interview:

1. Arrive early. This means you need to be walking into the office, café, wherever the interview is, at the very least ten minutes early. Be sure to factor in traffic and parking! If you’ve never been there before, do a test drive the week leading up to the interview. Look up directions and know where you’re going ahead of time so you won’t get lost.

2. Dress to impress. You can never be overdressed for an interview. Always lean towards the more formal side unless the interviewer has specified otherwise. You can never go wrong with some straight-leg slacks, clean blazer, white blouse, and maybe a statement necklace for a little fun pop of personality. Stay away from cotton, denim, wild prints, sleeveless tops, loads of makeup, and cleavage. 

3. Have your resumé printed and in a folder. This is something people commonly overlook. Just because you applied for the job and got called back for an interview does not mean that they have your resumé printed and on hand. This way, when talking about your accomplishments or experience, you can easily point to them on your resumé. The folder will keep the page flat, clean, and free from wrinkles. It’s best for the interviewer to hang onto the resumé after the interview, but sometimes they don’t have a bag or anything to hold your resumé in. The folder provides them with that. 

4. Do your research ahead of time. Know the company’s mission statement, understand the specific requirements of the position you applied for, and know the interviewer’s background and position at the company. 

5. Shake their hand. Okay, this may sound silly, but when you first meet your interviewer, make eye contact, shake their hand firmly, and smile. This will prove your confidence and professionalism. First impressions are vital in an interview. They may not extend their hand first, but don’t be discouraged. Stand up, look them in the eye, and reach your hand out.

6. Ask questions. Interviewers love to ask, “So, do you have any questions for me?” Sure, you may not really have any questions, but you should have a couple in your back pocket for times like these. Ask about the company culture, the interviewer’s position in the company, what they’re looking for in a new hire, etc. This will show your interest in the company and the job. Don’t ask questions that could be answered by a Google search though!

7. Have specific examples ready. When you’re talking about your skills and qualities as an employee, be ready with a few concrete examples that support your statement. If you claim to be a problem solver, provide a specific example of a time you came up with a solution to an issue. Without evidence, it’s just empty words.

8. Avoid rambling. Don’t lose track of time when you’re talking. Yes, the interviewer is ultimately there to hear about you. However, they’re not there to hear a monologue. Avoid bragging about yourself for too long. Say everything with purpose and keep it concise. 

9. Email them immediately after. Send them an email within five hours of finishing the interview. Thank them by name and reiterate why you want the position. This should be a total of five sentences tops. 

10. Send a handwritten note the next day. Yep, you are thanking them twice. Sending a handwritten note takes much more time and thought. It will genuinely set you apart from your competition!

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