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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Reader's Secret: Silk Stain Removal

One of our readers, Allison in New York City, shared an amazing secret with us that we wanted to share with those of you who struggle with deodorant stains on silk material. We don't know about you, but whenever we wear silk we are always cautious of every little move we make because one stain automatically warrants an expensive trip to the dry cleaners (yikes!). "Getting something on silk-deodorant, makeup, dirt-is no fun" Allison explained. We couldn't agree more. So what's her secret stain removal regimen: Nylon.

According to Allison, "Just rub the area and voilà, the spot disappears". Well, we took a pair of our nylon pantyhose and did just that on a deodorant stain, and she was right! While nylon does not get rid of all silk stains, this was such a quick, simple, and affordable way to clean up a silk stain deodorant mess. Thanks for sharing Allison!
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