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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Don't Fall For This IRS Scam!

The IRS will NEVER call you. That is something very important to note because there are scammers out there eager to prey on people and scare them into believing the IRS is out to get them. It's  important to know how these scammers operate so you know when to hang up and report them. Co Founder, Karen, recently received a call from this number: 8044961029
The person from this phone number left a voicemail explaining that the call was very inportant and it was regarding tax evasion on an audit they pulled. Curious over the commotion, she called the number back and the person on the other end started to rattle his "officer name" "badge id" and he even gave a spiel on how the call was being recorded. He mentioned that he represented the Tax & Auditing Department of the IRS and then he talked about the FCC and rattled off the section in the IRS bylaws that discusses the penalities of tax evasion. It sounded pretty convincing, but of course Karen wasn't buying into it since she knew she was in tip top shape with her taxes. The "officer" then explained their audit findings explaining that taxes were under paid by a certain amount during a certain period of time. Then, the "officer" asked Karen how she wanted to pay this back to avoid her employer holding back her checks, Karen getting arrested, and Karen getting fined.

Anytime someone who claims that they're from the IRS and over the phone requests money from you, they're a FRAUD.

The "officer" proceeded to state that an Officer attempted to serve Karen her violation in paper and he named the address (this address was clearly pulled online from the white pages). The most that the real IRS will do is send you physical mail. Never would they go to your home.

Moral of the story: do your taxes correctly and always review them with your tax people before signing off. As soon as you sign off on the tax computing, everything becomes your responsibility. To that point, when you're confident with your tax returns, scammers like that won't phase you because you'll know with certainty that they're fake.

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