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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

5 Things You Need to Know When Purchasing Plane Tickets!

Between all of us on the TSS team, we've done A LOT of traveling this Summer!  One of our Co-Founders is even leaving for Japan this week and we have a lot more traveling to do this year!  We've learned a lot about purchasing plane tickets and we've done some research to give you our TOP 5 tips that you should know when purchasing your next plane tickets!

Do you have any other tips we should know about purchasing airline tickets?  Comment below or send us your secret at!

Bon Voyage!

Monday, April 22, 2013

6 Secrets to Planning the *Perfect* Vacation

We absolutely love traveling! Vacations are a must especially after dealing with finals at school, long hours at work, or taking care of your family 24/7. We believe in treating yourself to a picture perfect vacation where you can leave all of your stress behind, dig your toes into the sand, and enjoy the ocean breeze on your face. BUT, in order to have a picture perfect vacation, you have to plan it the right way! Here are our 6 Secrets to Planning the *Perfect* Vacation:

1. Survey everyone.
When you're planning a vacation involving other people, involve them! The best way to test everyone's preferences is to create a survey. We use Survey Monkey-it's simple to use and free! 

2. When choosing a hotel/destination, research it.
We love hearing from other people their experiences on different trips and the best website to get people's opinions is TripAdvisor. It will help you determine what you can expect at a hotel/destination.

3. Check the weather forecast.
Destinations like Mexico, California, and Florida sound great, but if you go during a not-so-sunny season, it could conflict with your plans. Be sure to check the weather forecast so you know when the best time is to travel.

4. Make reservations.
Open Table is a great site to use when reserving places to eat. When you're on vacation, we recommend getting the most out of your time, so waiting around at packed restaurants is no fun. When you make reservations it saves time!

5. Book transportation in advance.
Transportation is so important when you're on vacation. Finding out how you are going to get around in advance is key. Figuring out if your hotel has a shuttle or determining whether or not you will need a rental beforehand can save lots of time and money.

6. Pack for every day.
Packing for a vacation is fun and you can be smart about your packing by using sites like Her Packing List where they tell you what to pack for your trip. We have found that packing your outfits for each part of your day not only makes your luggage the perfect size, but it relieves any stress you may have while on the trip choosing an outfit.

What secrets do you have when planning your vacation? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Make Packing Fun!

We're not really sure how we didn't hear about before, but hey... that's what TSS is here for, right?  Packing is probably everyone's least favorite part of preparing for their departure to an exciting vacay to Cabo, New York, San Diego, Hawaii, or wherever! We create a "packing list" but we always forget a thing or two.  What if you're going to somewhere you've never been and don't know exactly what you should be packing for?  That's where Her Packing List comes to the rescue!

Her Packing List is created by different world traveler's (that are women, of course) that has compiled a packing list after their trip to give YOU the ultimate packing list for that certain destination- it's genius!
The best part is that Her Packing List gives you different traveling tips beyond the packing lists!  They have tips on packing gear, electronics, clothing, toiletries, different stories and advice when it comes to traveling!

Definitely refer to Her Packing List when you're packing for your next trip!
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